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March 06, 2023 at 11:47 PM

Top cast

Ahna O'Reilly as Caitlin
Romy Windsor as Bossy
Morgan Krantz as James Pongo
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Reviewed by rupert_murdoc 10 / 10


Dude, Where's My Computer? The movie accomplished what it set out to accomplish. It was an experiment with narrative that infused the way we communicate and perceive into its plot. It felt a bit redundant, in a way I can't put my finger on, to see all that stuff upfront with the story, but I liked what Eugene said after the movie about the possibility of someone seeing the movie ten years from now and it not being so redundant to them. I saw it in a theater, which seemed backwards because I watch most movies that are meant for the big screen on my laptop, and this movie would have been the one movie that would have really made more sense to watch on my 13" screen. If not my laptop, I think the movie could also make more sense projected on some gallery wall. The story itself was repetitive, so viewing little fragments of it while walking through a gallery wouldn't hurt the concept or deprive the viewer of much. Overall the movie was great, considering its intentions, budget, and context.

Reviewed by unclealexx 9 / 10

It's like being inside a computer

I'm not a critic and won't pretend to talk intelligently about this, but this film is super original and creative and funny and you should see it. Oh apparently the minimum length for reviews is "10 lines" so I have to say some more. Find a way to see this movie. Rent or buy it on Amazon or whatever. A b c d e f g. Shoot OK, um, this movie is so over-saturated with visual content it like totally sums up the modern fragmented digital experience. Multiple browser windows, simultaneous application use, chatting-while-emailing-while-texting-while-statusupdating, pop up ads, buffering etc. all happen at once as the film's narrative unfolds from the perspective of a computer desktop. Very original way of presenting a narrative, very cool.

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