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2014 [SWEDISH]


IMDb Rating 4.4 10 902

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by magnus-sveningsson 1 / 10

Probably the worst swedish movie ever

Don't ever watch this. Ever. It's beyond me that the director gets to make movies. It's beyond bad. It's painful.

Reviewed by Quarantaine 3 / 10

If this is therapeutic fun I'm not insane at all

One of those movies that have something about them that fascinates, even if they're so off that you want to start to harm yourself... in a way that costs money.

The main character actor Peter Magnusson looks like an optimal casting choice. He got me to find this clumsy football player moron somewhat likable. At least sort of. Because when he opens his mouth and his driving motive comes into rolling this movie hits the post like OMG. You better get used to hold your breath, scratch your head and be prepared to visit an even deeper section of Ding-dong land. Özz Nûjen walks in and now you know for sure that this story can't save itself anymore. And then something happens that actually was quite cute. Raped your logic, but otherwise neat. Advice: Don't win on the lottery while watching this film. You might decide to watch it a ten thousand times, just for the heck of it.

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