10 Things We Should Do Before We Break Up



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Christina Ricci as Abigail
Katia Winter as Terren
Scott Adsit as Barry
Hamish Linklater as Benjamin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rheen-74035 3 / 10

If you are remotely evolved don't watch

This is a terribly depressing movie Not because of its earthiness and refusal to sugar coat But because the lead Male character is written so poorly that it's actually hard to stomach the scenes in which he is central A tired, old, 'I'm afraid of commitment but need to grow up. I want to learn how to love,' narrative that made me want to sit my daughter in front of the screen and say 'NEVER allow a grown man spouting this ugly rhetoric into your life,' it was stale and painful to endure and yet I wanted to see if the story might lift somehow beyond the anodyne. It didn't What do we learn? The mother is fine Being a single mother is fine The kids are fine There is no room for scope with such a cliche of a Male character (manchild) as a lead Nothing to learn from this movie It's an insult to evolved men and to (single) mothers Bad, bad bad movie taking us back in time instead of propelling us forward to conversations that actually matter

Reviewed by murphyclm 1 / 10


Am I the only one who was immediately put off that this divorcee with two kids and a previous abortion gets herself pregnant right off the bat with a total stranger with no real responsibilities (whom we find out a bit later was cheating on a girl friend)? Or that we have no idea throughout the whole movie exactly what either one of them does for a living (though she appears to be write books for kids, how original)? Or that they seem to have all the time in the world to fool with her kids? They don't show the kids' reaction to the pregnancy, but the kids do like him. He lets them all down, checks back in with the girlfriend, does not show up at the little girl's dance thing,. lies about where he's been. etc. Blah, blah, blah. He crashes, leaves, disappears. She has the kid on her own and she and the three kids "continue to thrive." End of movie, credits run.

Reviewed by ks-60500 6 / 10

Reality it's

Movie always make the ending to fit audience expectation, except this one. That's why I rate a 6 as it's unusual. Many facts and details come on screen about loving someone you imagine vs in reality. Dude, wear a condom to make thing less complicated.

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