100 Days to Live


Crime / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7.9 10 381

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February 02, 2021 at 05:49 PM



Colin Egglesfield as Gabriel Weeks
Gideon Emery as Victor Quinn
Yancey Arias as Jack Byers
Chris J. Johnson as Greg Neese
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sunchick116-872-583383 8 / 10

Unexpectedly moving experience!

I saw this film this past weekend at the San Diego film festival. I've been a fan of colin egglesfield's since 'something borrowed'. I was nervous because I don't do well with horror/suspense. The film is more thriller. As a video editor/screenwriter, the film leaves a lot to be desired but it's the directors first film so he can be forgiven. I urge you to hang in there. The film at first is a technical mess, but takes a turn that will leave you shocked. I can't spoil what issues the film brings up but I can say I suffer depression and it had me in tears. The final product is a thought provoking experience I highly recommend!

Reviewed by DanielNButler 10 / 10

First time filmmaker? Solid job!

This movie tackled my curiosity in every way. I love trailers that hint on the synopsis without summarizing the entire film. The twist in this movie was so good. Throughout the film, I found myself continuously figuring out the ending, but being wrong every time! The acting was great and the budget was on point.

Suicide is not an easy subject and I love how this movie felt like it was for everyone. Those who can relate to such a terrible ordeal and also those who haven't experienced the struggles it can cause. It helped me understand a bit more why this kind of thing happens.

I feel this film was non-stop thrilling entertainment, but most importantly educational. A perfect execution by a first time filmmaker. Well done! 10/10

Reviewed by zeprsh 10 / 10

oh so twisted in a smart way

For me, this film was like Oldboy (the original) where I found myself going "there is no way they are doing this...there is no way they are going there...uh...oh yes they are....!" Very satisfying film, definitely intelligent, solid choice for an independent film festival. Quite ballsy to take on plague of suicide directly in film - depression runs in my family and my little sister killed herself; nobody talks about this enough in America. Hope to see this movie on HBO??

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