13 Frightened Girls


Adventure / Comedy / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 724

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Alexandra Bastedo as Alex - England
Hugh Marlowe as John Hull
Norma Varden as Miss Pittford
Murray Hamilton as Wally Sanders

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GreyDiva 8 / 10

One young girl saves the day !!!

This movie has gotten terrible reviews. Leonard Maltin called it "juvenile" and "pure camp" as did T.V. guide.

I saw it for the first time when I was about ten years old. I have never forgotten this movie, and it stands in my mind as one of my most beloved childhood movies. (So I supposed the "juvenile" is appros.)

This movie is fresh and fun. If you loved movies such as "The Trouble With Angels" or The "Tammy" series, for you this is a must see. Or if you're a Sandra Dee fan, you'll enjoy Kathy Dunn as Candy.

A young diplomat's daughter tries to play grown up as a spy. Of course she gets in over her head. And watching her get out of it is all the fun. Enjoy!!!!

Reviewed by juanita 8 / 10

Saw this movie when I was 11 or 12, love it!

Several decades later, I still remember it, and wish it were on video or dvd. William Castle had a unique ability when it came to putting children in dangerous adult situations. His other film that comes to mind here is "Let's Kill Uncle," about a 12 year boy whose life is in dangered by his charming, cunning, financially challenged, ex-spy uncle. I think the bad reviews are a reflection of the fact that the film is hard to catagorize. As a pre-teen I found the idea of a group of young girls from different nations and cultures saving the world very appealing. Kinda fit in with my devotion to the Man From UNCLE.

Reviewed by gavin6942 6 / 10

The Odd Man Out in the William Castle Box Set

At a European school for diplomats daughters, Candice Hull (Kathy Dunn) is the American among a wide assortment of nationalities (more than thirteen, none of whom are frightened, despite the title). To help her friend keep his job as a spy, she secretly begins feeding him intelligence.

I have this film as part of thew William Castle Collection, a series of his 1960s horror films. "13 Frightened Girls" is not horror, has no real stars to speak of, and as already mentioned does not have thirteen frightened girls. What it does have is a very juvenile approach to Cold War espionage.

From the beginning, there's commie humor - with the Russia and China girls calling each other "comrades". And we find out that Red China apparently kills people and hides bodies in the embassy's kitchen, with no consequences. In fact, despite all the threats, death and illegal action, no one ever seems to hold anyone at fault. In a sense, it turns espionage into a kind of joke -- the threat of death is played down, even after a foreign spy is murdered. Candy never fully realizes what danger she is in, even when it's really obvious.

There's other oddities. There's an old man seduced by 16-year old Candy, though she ultimately fails. And the film has colors "like a Fauvist threw up all over the place", in the words of another reviewer. I wouldn't have made that connection, but sure enough... Henri Matisse could very well have painted the film cels.

The rumor is that Castle launched a worldwide hunt for the prettiest girls from 13 different countries to cast in the film. Oddly, none of them, even star Kathy Dunn, went on to do anything in the movie business. I'm not sure what this says about the film... how does everyone get overlooked? Anyway, the film is interesting. Not Castle's best work, probably not his worst. But if you want to see something outside the realm of PG-rated horror from Castle, this is the one you want. Geared more towards young adults, but enjoyable for anyone who wants to see a very unique perspective on Cold War spying.

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