137 Shots


Crime / Documentary

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by natemansur 1 / 10

One sided

This is a poor attempt at a documentary. It was made simply to deepen the divide between police and citizens. It goes into minimal detail and zeros in on the details that mean nothing. The whole thing is set up as the victims families attacking the police.

Reviewed by AaronRush9 7 / 10

Coming from someone who's not an American

I'm from the UK so over here there's some police brutality, but not as casual as it is in America it seems the system is at fault watching this documentary seeing how some officers react to a situation and see red 137 shots thats absurd give a human a gun and they think they are a GOD that's the way I see it, not saying every single officer is unstable or racist but I think the system needs to background check and control officers that are coming in for example the man who jumped onto the car and fired at the two victims, served in a war in his eyes this situation was like he was back on the front lines, America in general is its own matrix I could never understand the politics and how guns are just essentials over there but it will always be runned by law loving politicians and there will always be corruption....

Reviewed by leroysolay 5 / 10

Meandering like the Cuyahoga

It's hard not to cry or scream at the injustices documented in Cleveland and beyond. Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams' families get to have their voices clearly heard, as well as Tamir Rice's mother, Samaria. For that, the audience should be truly grateful. However, this treatment of tragedy is, as Dr. Rhonda says, as meandering as the Cuyahoga. RFK's image is superimposed on the River at the beginning, but without a coherent narrative we don't know why until the very end. Local radio host Mansfield Frazier's voice tries to hold everything together, but his post-credit scene leaves the viewer more confused. Interspersed throughout is a gritty photographic love letter to Cleveland, which seemed to be a sort of story of its own. I felt that Director Michael Milano tried to retell far too many stories simultaneously at the expense of almost all of them. He does rightfully take aim at both Steve Loomis and Tim McGinty, eliciting vitriol from at least this viewer. Regardless, the new material and contextualization of these murders makes it necessary viewing.

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