15+ Coming of Age

2017 [THAI]

Action / Comedy

IMDb Rating 5.8 10 128

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 5 / 10

One for the adolescent viewers...

Granted, this movie is aimed at a teenage audience, I get that. But I was given the chance to sit down to watch the 2017 Thai comedy titled "15+ Coming of Age", so of course I did that.

I will say that the movie definitely started out alright and had some funny moments, but then towards the midway point the movie started to lose momentum and shifted in gear. The movie went from teenage comedy up to that point, and started to take on a more serious drama feel, for better or worse. It was a change of scenery that I didn't think really fitted the movie in a good way. And that meant that the movie, at least for me, started to slip downhill.

Now, the acting in the movie was adequate. I wasn't familiar with a single actor or actress on the cast list. But I will say that they did put on good enough performances for a movie such as this.

The "Star Wars" spoof scene in the movie definitely had me laughing hard. That was actually the most enjoyable part of the entire movie for me.

My rating of "15+ Coming of Age" lands on a very mediocre five out of ten stars. Had the directors just opted to keep the same level of storytelling and sticking to one genre, it would have been a more thoroughly enjoyable movie.

Reviewed by ops-52535 5 / 10

funny but juvenile

Puberty in thailand are just like everywhere else in the worl, and this is vet another take at the subject. it has some good laughs and impertinence are highflying on hormones. if not thai youll loose the small language keys that makes it all even more embarrasing, so as a grumpy old westener, put wide angle glasses on, its a pantaloon humour, a small recommend

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