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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by asc85 6 / 10

Informative, and not overt

While all filmmakers have a point of view, I think if there were any biases in "16 Shots," they are not overt, and I appreciated that. Of course there is no doubt that some people will disagree with this previous statement. This film covers an extremely polarizing event that took place in Chicago, and I recognize that it's hard to stay politically neutral. I consider myself pro-police, but I also thought the shooting of Laquan McDonald was dead wrong.

The other interesting tidbit in this movie was seeing a pre-Jussie Smollett version of Kim Foxx.

Reviewed by redroominparis 5 / 10

Well done

Great to hear multiple perspectives here. Mr. McDonald clearly pulled out a deadly weapon as he weaved in and out of multiple police vehicles.

Unfortunately for him, deadly forced was used, justifiably (based on a the footage) to neutralize the threat.

Basically, don't ignore officers requests. Don't wave deadly weapons. Am I missing something?

You can always file a lawsuit if your rights are violated, if you are a law abiding citizen.

Ironically, I remember the same celebration when Orethal James Simpson was found not guilty.

Great documentary but had a hint of an agenda.

Reviewed by Michele7169 3 / 10

Not the WHOLE story.

Honestly..this police officer should have been fired long before this incident took place. He had wayyy to many complaints of abuse of authority to still be on the street. But what angers me about these stories is that they clump ALL police officers in the same bubble when MOST police officers are good people who risk their lives daily. It's like saying EVERY doctor sucks because one had bad bedside manner. It's stupid! The other thing that angers me is the fact that they call this 17 year old "just a kid" who wanted to make people smile. Hello! He was breaking into cars that night and wielding a KNIFE! Not saying he deserved to die...I'm saying he was not an innocent child. If you are going to give the background of the officer....give the background of the MAN he shot!! It's dishonest!!

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