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2020 [ITALIAN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by roseliya 10 / 10

Very beautiful and loving movie

A very loving look at the pain of not growing up with a mother. Creative story telling of how the daughter heals that wound.

Reviewed by ismystore 8 / 10

Wonderful movie

I don't expect this kind of story at all. I have turn this movie on and I was working on my computer, I expect to be a boring movie, but it was not the case. and i have closed the computer and watched the whole movie. there is too bad that is not have more to the story, i know it's based on a true story but even so I would like to see more. about the casting, everyone is amazing Every one of them.

Reviewed by zhangsiyi-59362 9 / 10

I cried so much watching this movie

I watched together with my husband,and we are getting ready for pregnancy,so it was so easy to relate.No matter the casting or the performance,it is definitely a wonderful movie.Although it is a sad movie,but it brings the deepest emotions out of you and make you appreciate more about the love we have,family, partner,friends,parents.

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