20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Anonymous_Maxine 4 / 10

The first submarine photoplay ever filmed!

When I read during the opening credits of the 1916 adaptation of Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," immediately I assumed the frame of mind that I always do when watching early films, so as not to criticize it's lack of special effects or advanced film techniques. Immediately I was immensely impressed at the transfer from book to film, as the film followed the story closely and faithfully.

Unfortunately, this only lasted for about the first ten minutes of the film, which ultimately proved to take Verne's work and butcher it in every way imaginable. Probably the most jarring change to the story is that they decided to not only adapt 20,00 Leagues, but also another Verne novel, Mysterious Island, into this film. So the result is that you have two totally different stories taking place that don't at all seem to fit together, until finally they come together in the bizarre conclusion, which makes absolutely no sense in respect to the novel.

My current theory is that because so much of the original novel of 20,000 Leagues was decades beyond the reach of the filmmakers to be able to put on screen, so they probably had to look to an entirely separate novel just to have enough material to fill a full length film. Sadly, it reminds me of those terrible songs that radio stations sometimes come up with when they combine two popular songs together that have a similar beat, resulting in something that is not quite equal to but definitely less than the originals. One such bizarre hybrid comes to mind involving Closer, by Nine Inch Nails, and Garbage's #1 Crush.

The basic, basic, basic plot structure remains, but literally 95% of the story is gone. There is rumor of a massive sea monster and the crew of the Abraham Lincoln set off to capture it. Strangely enough, at one point it passes a mere few meters from their ship in broad daylight, and the crew can clearly see the steel plated sides and the rivets holding it together, even the bridge and periscope, and yet they still think it's a sea monster.

I'll attribute that to the inability to emulate the Nautilus's movements as described in the novel, but in this way we also have to sacrifice the entirety of the ship's glorious design and function, which is not even described in dialogue. For the most part, we see a single room, which looks like an old Victorian bedroom with one wall that looks like it belongs in a boiler room.

Probably the worst crime that the film commits is in the character of Captain Nemo. Granted, Nemo in the novel is not exactly the most charming and charismatic man, but it is as if they set out in this film to create a man as far from the original description as humanly possible. As a result, we get a bizarre spectacle that looks like a disgruntled Santa Clause in blackface. And not only that, throughout the film he gives several displays of compassion that the original Nemo would have scoffed at. Indeed, at one point, he torpedoes a ship, and then afterwards and then almost faints as he worries about the safety of the victims. What the hell?? And incidentally, Verne's Nautilus didn't have torpedoes, although he did use it as a ramming weapon.

In the film's defense, the underwater photography is truly impressive given the time that it was filmed, and surely knocked 1916 audiences, most of whom had probably never seen the underwater world, out of their seats. This would certainly explain the seemingly endless lingering on these scenes. Their is also an interesting allusion to another Verne novel, as at one point in their underwater tour they come across a decayed shipwreck, which Nemo describes as "the wreck of an old blockade runner."

And the worst thing about the bizarre personification of Nemo in this film is the backstory that was invented for the film which, amazingly, is introduced with this intertitle -

"Captain Nemo reveals the tragic secret of his life, which Jules Verne never told."

What follows is the most bizarre story imaginable, which claims that Nemo was previously some kind of empirical royalty who lived in an empire "beyond the sea." One man wrongs him, which doesn't explain his subsequent disdain, and even hatred, for all of mankind of all nations, nor does anything explain why he took to the sea. And incidentally, Nemo is a man of art, science, biology, history, astronomy, etc. The transition from his old life to the one we see is totally senseless.

It may very well be that this was one of the first major films to set the trend of adapting novels to film, and while modern adaptations still make ridiculous changes to story and characters where they don't belong, at least those inexplicable liberties seem to have diminished since 1916!

Reviewed by Scrooge-3 8 / 10

A wonderful and groundbreaking film

This film combines plot elements of Verne's original 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Mysterious Island, then adds its own subplot involving the origin of Captain Nemo that ties everything together. I was very impressed by the writing. This was the first major film with underwater photography. The set design was impressive. I found the diving suits to be particularly interesting--essentially early versions of scuba gear. The new score fit very well into the story. All in all, a wonderful and landmark achievement in filmmaking.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 / 10

First adaptation based on Jules Verne's novel rendered in a silent film

First retelling based on Jules Verne's fantasy-adventure novel with unknown cast and extraordinary scenarios . Silent take on for cinema , filmed in on location in Bahamas . When Jules Verne wrote this famed novel , the startling inventions impressed the world as being the limit of imagination and impossibility . The scenes were made possible by the Williamson Brothers inventions with submarine photoplay ever filmed . The film talks about the known story from Jules Verne novel , a real masterpiece ; 1868 ,the oceans are no longer safe , many ships have been lost, the sailors have returned to New England's fishing port with tales of vicious giant whale with long horn . The naturist and biologist expert named professor Pierre Aronnax and his daughter undertake a dangerous mission . Aronnax , his daughter , along with a professional whaler and famous harpoonist named Ned Land join forces in an expedition commanded by captain Farragut that attempt to unravel the mysterious sinking ships by an unknown creature . Aboard the ship called USS Abrahan Lincoln , they go out to investigate . At sea, Professor Aronnax was aboard the ship when Nautilus rammed it and threw the Professor, his helper and Ned Land into the water . They are captured and get thoroughly involved with power-hungry captain Nemo (Allen Hollubar, being in Disney version masterfully played by James Mason) and take an extraordinary adventure underseas in an advanced submarine called Nautilus . Prisoners at first, they are now treated as guests to view the underwater world and to hunt under the waves. Nemo will also tells them about the riveting submarine of the future and the revenge that has driven him for all these years . Our heroes get stuck in the ship , undergoing numerous adventures and suffering innumerable perils .

Exciting and thrilling submarine movie dealing with the Nautilus captained by Nemo , rendition from ¨20,000 Leagues¨, but also another Verne novel, ¨Mysterious Island¨, so the result is that there are two diverse tales taking place which don't at all seem to fit together, until ultimately they come together in the strange conclusion, which makes little relation in respect to the original classic . It displays sensational adventures , drama , marvelous scenarios and is enjoyable but dated . This film became famous for its groundbreaking work in actual underwater photography by George M. Williamson and J. Ernest Williamson who alone had solved the secret under-water sea photography . The actual undersea footage was shot in the Bahamas due to the unusually clear water . When this film was remade by Walt Disney 38 years later, they came to this same spot for their undersea footage . Fascinating submarine movie blends action , disaster spectacle, hokey fun , suspense and emotional happenings . Surprise-filled entertainment and with plenty of action on grand scale with breathtaking special effects by that time and some ships and submarine by maquette or scale model and filmed in Leonia, New Jersey, Universal Studios , Universal City, California, and New Providence Island, Bahamas . The underwater scenes , sea animals , flamboyant FX to make large-size Octopus seem like horrible monster , all of them are spectacular and the film is an early Hollywood product . However , a confuse plot and overlong runtime became a little boring film . This vintage story was regularly directed by Stuart Paton , it results to be an old mute (1916) with archaeological interest . The motion picture will appeal to fantasy-adventure buffs and silent movie aficionados .

The best adaptation turns out to be the Walt Disney production (1954) , marvelously directed by Richard Fleischer , James Mason plays a serious revenger captain Nemo ; Paul Lukas plays perfectly Annorax as intelligent scientific ; and Ned Land played by Kirk Douglas as a stubborn sailor who spends most of their time devising intelligent ways for escape . Other versions from this unforgettable novel are the following : for TV (1997) directed by Rod Hardy with Michael Caine , Mia Sara and Patrick Dempsey ; and another Television film (1997) directed by Michael Anderson with Ben Cross and Richard Crenna ; furthermore a cartoon movie directed by Arthur Rankin.

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