2025 - The World enslaved by a Virus


Adventure / Comedy / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ejonconrad 1 / 10

Very bad even by Christian cinema standards

Wow, this is a hot mess! Entertaining only for how horrible it is.

The setup is your typical paranoid Christian persecution fantasy: Covid has been used as excuse to institute world government with "communism everywhere" and to outlaw Christianity - you know, all of Dr. Fauci's recommendations.

It takes place just four years in the future, but somehow everyone has forgotten "the way things used to be" until the protagonist explains it. No details of the New World Order are ever given, and everything takes place on a very small scale. Really, it just seems like one overzealous local police chief.

The "heroes" are a group of people who have decided to spread the word of Christianity again. They start with the bold act of spray painting fishes on things, once on piles of leaves. Eventually, they are aided by a woman who works in the police department, who is "what you would call a hacker" and she helps them identify "secret Christians" and invite them to rallies.

The story takes place in Germany, and most of the actors are German, reading horrible dialog in English with very strong accents. Some of the actors are American, reading horrible dialog in English with American accents. In one scene, two women start in English, and then inexplicably switch to German with subtitles, presumably because one of them didn't speak English well enough to get through it.

It's not clear how much of the dialog is written and how much is improvised, and the only director's note seems to be, "Speak more slowly and stretch it out. We've got to pad 90 minutes!".

The sets and props would embarrass the most humble community theater. The police station appears to be a middle school auditorium, with some furniture in the corner. The main characters all live together in an an apartment, which for some reason has black plastic draped on the wall, a tiny Christmas tree, and a random string of twinkle bulbs. Late in the movie, someone apparently donated a fog machine, so they fill the police station with fog, just because they can.

The movie remains weirdly agnostic about the virus, masks, social distancing, etc. Is it a hoax or is it real? I would assume the people making it are anti-mask, but the good guys always wear masks outdoors and socially distance, even when holding their super secret illegal meetings. On the other hand, they never wear masks indoors, when they're huddled together around the little Christmas tree. The bad guys randomly wear masks or don't, presumably based on the individual choices of the actors.

This really doesn't even rise to the "so bad it's good" level, mostly because it's just not that interesting and all the actors are so low energy. Without the goofy exploding birds of Birdemic or ... everything about Tommy Wiseau, it just sort of falls flat.

So only watch it if you're truly committed to seeing every bad movie.

Reviewed by audiocloset 1 / 10

Horrible movie

Written to appease conspiracy minded Christians. Terrible acting, idiotic script, stupid premise. Put down your Bible and read some history.

Reviewed by reddingmichael-20298 10 / 10

Lets spray some fish!!

Remember the good old days when you could go to lame U2 concerts and enjoy all-white dinner parties before Coronavirus? Me neither but that is what this german QANON movie would have us believe.

Bad action and pointless exposition marks a tragic future for christianity where the characters favorite past time is spray painting fish to make a difference. When one of the characters is shot by police, she is saved and immediately questioned about her nation of birth, German being an acceptable answer (presumably to ensure it isnt one of the dirty whites like Italian or Irish).

Ive made better movies with my roommates 15 beers deep. I am absolutely stunned this white supremacy propagnda was allowed on Tubi.

Must watch.

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