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Reviewed by Bigprisc 8 / 10

Girl Power!

This movie is about the best 30 years of a woman's life.

20 - feeling alive and trying new things 30 - feeling jaded and hopes for stability 40 - the rebirth of a women

Sylvia Chang has once again proven herself as a powerful director! The 3 stories intertwine very well, while they don't affect each other, you are never really out of the story because you see the other leads at the background.

Li Sinje proves herself to be a great actress, holding her own aside the older and more established actresses. Her story las alot of sexual tension in it, but somehow in a way that most girls would understand. I admire Rene Liu for her powerful potrayal, it is a Rene that you haven seen before. Sylvia, one great looking 40-something, she just draws you deep into the story...

This is one of the light-hearted taiwanese movie that is rarely seen in taiwanese cinema. Everything about this movie is great. It is very different in style and mood from the last few movies that Sylvia Chang has done before.

One last thing to note. The concept of the movie actually started as an album. One day Rene Liu mentioned to Sylvia Chang, why don't the 3 of them do an album called 20:30:40, make it total girl power album. Sylvia loved the idea, so while making the album. She decided to make it into a movie as well. And boy am I glad she did!!! If not, we wouldn't have 3 award-winning actresses portraying such powerful acting in one of the greatest movie! Worth every cent of the ticket.

Reviewed by SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain 8 / 10

20:30:40 (2004)

'20:30:40' is about 3 decades worth of being a woman. Analysing and showcasing these different moments, possibly the most important moments, of any woman's life. First we have Xiao Jie (Angelica Lee) who has recently left her family behind to start life as a pop idol in a girl duo. The two girls become close and begin to have feelings for one another. Xiang Xiang (Rene Liu) is confused begin a 30 year old flight attendant and has a string of men after her. Finally lily (Sylvia Chang) is 40 and feeling it, her husband has left her for another family he has and she runs her florist while trying to start a new life. Throughout the three stories there are subtle connections but the three protagonists never really meet one another. This allows Sylvia Chang (as director and writer) to explore each woman and the effect they have on those around them to their full effect. A number of secondary characters, mainly being the men in their lives, pop up and serve each story well. Anthony Wong plays a rather comedic but also tragic record producer who fails at supplying the young girls with a good career. All the performances in this film are beautiful, each main actress capturing the confusion of their characters as well as keeping them strong. Without the brilliant writing and direction of Chang though this film would probably fall flat on its face as a dodgy female empowerment propaganda film. Chang notes the fragility of the female, but doesn't deny that the love of a good man can and does help. It is also obvious that Chang has experienced moments not unlike those in the film. The film may be a bit too positive, although Angelica Lee's segment is quite heartbreaking, the film is obviously a pick-me-up film that shows the bright side of life.

Reviewed by DaStudmuffin 10 / 10

simply awesome...

That movie is by far the best I've seen in a long time. And one thing speaks for itself. There was big applause in the Theater after the movie. That's a thing I haven't seen in years. Every thing just fits: the characters, the story,... Those three women actually do not meet each other, but their destinies do in a unique way. The movie is very funny. I laughed tears. But You never get the feeling that the topic has been made rediculous. It's still a serious. But still you have to consider this a romantic comedy that's just made for watching on Valentines Day (well, I did that).

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