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Dean Cain as Maxwell
Stormi Maya as Quin
Viveca Chow as Bartender
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jadediamond 9 / 10

Great Analysis about the meaning of being human

Covid-19, social distancing, the MeToo movement, smart devices. Socially Awkward Humans hardly interact with each other anymore. Walking down the street, at work, in the car, in the bathroom, at dinner, at family/social gatherings, at home, in bed, humans heads are down and glued to smart devices which can do everything for humans besides cook for or have sex with them for now. An entire generation born technology efficient but with weak verbal communication skills with one another, speak to the opposite sex, or having access to instant gratification. Men with something to lose being afraid to interact with women for fear of being accused of harrassment or assault if they attempt to ask them out, touch them, speak to them, or give them a compliment or even being accused of rape after consensual sex if the woman feels violated days, months, years, decades after the act. Thanks to issues such as low birth rates due to the young adults being drowned in student loan debt with low paying jobs, women prolonging having children or choosing to remain childfree, a growing single population rivaling the married population, and laws like China's one child policy, women outnumbered men in the world. This is the present. The subject of this movement is eerily close to being a reality. So it highly possible for men to rather pay ten grand for a sex doll than deal with consequences and cost of dealing with a real woman with the added benefit of not being jailed for needing to pay for illegal sex with a prositute. Single, independent women over thirty who want a dream guy to go out with and listen to than deal with the headaches of dating or trying to find this dream guy in real life when the pickings get slim as they get older and slowly lose their beauty may be willing to pay ten grand for a sexbot who listens and are designed to please them.

It seems like a joke now but it's happening in Japan right now. Single and married Japanese men paying ten grand for realistic sex dolls. And the sex dolls are not too far from looking as humanistic as the sexbots in this movie.

Can you truly have a meaningful relationship with a machine? Can having instant gratification with a sex machine designed to be your ideal sexual partner and have all the traits you desire in a mate make you happy? Does having perfection bore you and stop the feeling of loneliness? Is it cheating when it's sexual relations with an android versus another human being? Can you truly fall in love with a machine? Do you get bored having the artifical dream girl or guy catering to your every wish or desire except the ability to have an opinion of their own because they are artifical machines programmed with your desires to only please you? This movie asks the question about what is the meaning of being human or any other social norms such as marriage, relationships, and family. The ending is meant to open-ended because there is no easy answer and society will judge you either way. This movie presents the question about using nonjudgmental artifical intelligence for fulfulling the physical needs of human's sexual desires and/or their emotional need for companionship and allows the viewer to decide what is morally right or wrong.

Dean Cain does a great job as Maxwell, the creator of the sexbots. After a walk though a ridiculously long warehouse, Maxwell gives a great speech when the protaganist complains about falling in love with his sexbot or e mate and accuses Maxwell of making machines which manipulate human emotions.

If you're looking for a raunchy comedy about sexy, submissive female robots, then this is the wrong movie. 2050 is an analysis of the way our world is heading in merely thirty years from now when people depend on androids to fufill their emotional and physical needs and desires.

Great near futuristic film about human desire and using technology to fill the void we believe we are missing in our lives! Dean Cain was great in his role along with the rest of the cast.

Reviewed by devahan 1 / 10

A total waste of time

I just felt that I spoiled 2 hours of my time to watch one of the worst movies ever. It supposed to be about AI, but it didn't manage it at all. A cheap production, nonsence dialogues, a real waste of time.

Reviewed by pidstr 1 / 10

Speaking as a fan of Robot Genre films,....

...., Don't Bother, you'll never get these wasted minute back.

Go watch the UK production 'Humans' instead, it's a lot more thought provoking and deals with the disruptions to society and family that the technology will bring in the near future. There's very little to make this turkey stand out from the crowd, visually it's uninspiring, there's no real plot, just a load of over-wordy sentences strung together with no real meaning - the Director and Writer should watch "Ghost in the Shell : Stand Alone Complex" to understand how to use dialog properly during scenes with limited activity on camera. The actors do a fair job of trying to deliver the lines with conviction, but the dialog they're given to work with, just makes the viewer want to skip forward.

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