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Kevin Spacey as Micky Rosa
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Reviewed by lindseyholy7 4 / 10


I gave this a 4 because I wanted to nod to the cinematography and the cast, but other than that, I agree with most user reviews.... there are simply too many mistakes for supposed MIT geniuses to make. 1. Going to the same casino on repeat. - As another user pointed out, Vegas IS casinos, so why consistently go to the same one, especially consider Spacey's character knows that the casino is scouted by the man who cause him in the past. 2. Using the same signals.- Hand gestures are a dime a dozen, you're telling me they couldn't use a cycle formula to change them out from time to time, if they're spending so much time on disguises, then why not seconds on gestures? 3. Glorification of power and corruption as a shocker (it wasn't a shocker). 4. Stashing over $300,000 grand in your dorm room ceiling? - Get a safe deposit box for goodness sake. 5. Falling for the girl that of course gave you no mind before. - Tired story line that could have been completely left out all together.

It's just a sad thing because based off of the book and the cast it had true potential, but if you want to play 'look how smart this team is', then stick with the plot line and don't let their genius be valid or apparent only in Vegas.

Reviewed by Ian 4 / 10

Run-O-The-Mill Gambling Movie

(Flash Review)

If this movie was at Arby's and about to order a meal deal, it wouldn't be quirky or clever enough to get the small size, nor would it be bold or brash enough to go large. It would select the medium option. This movie was full of cliché moments and expected story arcs. The character development was done just professionally yet didn't go anywhere new. The rough plot is a brilliant kid doesn't have enough money to attend Harvard Medical School and rather easily gets persuaded to enter into a Blackjack card counting scheme as justification to help him pay his way. Will he earn enough before or if he gets caught? Who will end up being his hot romantic love interest and who or what will he overlook during his quest for money and thrills? Competent movie that brings nothing new and over-easily justifies various character's decisions.

Reviewed by a_chinn 7 / 10

Not exactly "Rounders" but is breezy fun.

Kevin Spacey plays an MIT mathematics professor who recruits his brainiest students to be part of his secret team of blackjack card counters and spotters. Jim Sturgess is the main character and is Spacey's newest recruit. Loosely based on a true story (in real-life all of the mathletes were Asian) the film does stretch credibility at times, but Spaces is amazing and in one of his wonderfully acerbic and snarky roles, and the film has a hip feel to it, featuring cool songs by MGMT and Peter Bjorn & John, and Laurence Fishburne is a lot of fun as a glowering casino fixer type of character who's out to get Spacey over an old beef. This film is breezy summer entertainment and is not a dark edgy poker movie like John Dahl's "Rounders," but it is still solid entertainment.

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