23 Walks


Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.4 10 143

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lomax343 6 / 10

Gentle and undemanding

A formulaic rom-com; nicely done but with few surprises. By no means a bad film, but nothing to lift it out of the ordinary. Was the woke casting *really* necessary?

The dogs were good.

Reviewed by brian-85466 4 / 10

If it's on TV, go for 25 Walks

This was a very disappointing film, Alison Steadman's talent was wasted on this script. I was very sad, as I had expected to enjoy the film.

The Fern and Dave characters weren't particularly well written, and I don't believe Dave would really have fallen for her, she wasn't a very nice person, so more suited to the husband she had just divorced.

The film didn't flow, and the penultimate scene jarred somewhat; Dave had just offered to help her move into her new home, and the next scene I thought, oh right, they were struggling to get a large wardrobe up the stairs...cringingly wrong!

Production wise, the background music was often too loud to hear some of the dialogue between the leads, and occasionally the dialogue sounded like it had been recorded in an empty baked bean can.

At least the dogs were good in the film, especially Tilly, I thought she could have made more of her big moment at the end, but.she probably couldn't wait to escape the mess.

Reviewed by ian-830-550812 8 / 10

Warm, real and hopeful, without being sentimental

Beautifully written and played, dialogue is spot on. A believable tale of every day life.

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