2307: Winter's Dream



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Michael Foster as ASH-287

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Reviewed by moorek 3 / 10

Only OK but watchable

Most of the elements of this movie are common in sci-fi. Some of the plot lines don't seem to make much sense nor are well explained. Unfortunately the main character is a rather limited actor. I did enjoy the main mutant actor.

Almost all the movie is filmed outdoors in winter. I like that. We don't have many movies that do that so that makes it very different.

While I expect and can tolerate problems with plot lines - there is one here that is just too extreme to ignore. The world is a frozen wasteland. Have been for 300 years. It is so cold that on the surface even an enhanced human can only survive 4 days. OK that makes for an interesting premise. But... in one scene when the main character puts his hand in water and takes it out - it freezes instantly and they rush to thaw it. Yet the small hole in the ice doesn't freeze over. Later in the movie they are walking across this freezing horizon with hats and hoods off. We meet humans later who also don't feel any need to cover their heads. Also it is said at least twice that all animal life has died yet we see one guy catching fish and in another scene a rabbit and a deer are hung up. But the movie makes a point that there is no life. And it's not like this is in some unexplored area - it's on their way to one of their emergency supply depots. And it is winter and trees are still standing which would be fine if this wasn't 300 after the endless winter started. Then we also see conifers - which would have also died 300 years earlier. If you are going to make a future winter world without life then at least film it in some treeless winter environment.

It's not a great movie but you'll likely find parts of it enjoyable. Just don't follow the plot.

Reviewed by Sherparsa 5 / 10

5*** for story mostly ...

Starts so-so ... continues even less so-so ... picks up where it's a little too late ... ends nicely enough although weak amateurish acting (despite all the effort everybody puts into making it look professional) is probably the main problem with this not so well made movie just as it is with most other low budget ones ...

the winter setting is kinda cool but not cold enough ... ;-) some shots and scenes are also fine enough to make me like them, especially in terms of lighting ...

overall, it reminded me of some really cheap and failed movies i used to watch in the Syfy channel in the mid 2000s (when it was still named Sci-Fi or something like that) and that was why i stopped watching that channel almost totally and started seeking better scifi stuff elsewhere on regular channels ...

Reviewed by Tyndareon 2 / 10

Amateurish cliché-ridden trash

Formulaic pseudo-post apocalyptic film, with terrible action scenes and the flimsiest excuse of a plot, carelessly patched together by common myths infesting actual movies.

There's really little to none redeeming value in this.

1)As sci-fi it doesn't even compete; it raises no questions, introduces no new ideas, creates not even a shadow of an actual futuristic setting.

2)As a thriller it has no tension; nobody can summon the willpower to care for "characters" who systematically act out the most inane choices and the amateurish direction doesn't help.

3)The backbone of the plot is so.. safe, it feels like a sham. I'll occasionally stomach the pseudo-intellectual doctrine that passes for liberalism in Hollywood these days as long as it is attached to a 100M production. But in an independent production - and a sci-fi to boot - I expect to be presented with the unpopular opinion, the 'truth' that lacks recognition or exposure, not to be spoon-fed the mainstream dogma!

In any case there were a couple of decent lines - maybe even competent - so I'll give it a 2.

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