24 Hours at the South Street Diner


Biography / Documentary

IMDb Rating 9.6 10 12

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kait-odonnell 10 / 10

A candid, heartfelt underdog story.

When I first pledged to back 24 Hours on Kickstarter, I remember wondering what "the story" would be. I was impressed and surprised to see that this was not an expose, but rather an honest story of Boston's rich history and culture - told through the lens of the South St. Diner. The story is that against all odds, this diner exists. And that, alone, is a story I think everyone in Boston needs to see/hear.

The cinematography in the film, from a creative standpoint, is impressive. They managed to capture the hustle and bustle of the diner in a way that was visually engaging, and true to the South St experience. You really feel like you are sitting right there with the patrons. And, fun fact: the film comes in at 24 minutes- how fitting.

I am honored to have supported this project and my expectations were more than exceeded. Congrats to all involved.

Reviewed by dowlerlynn 10 / 10

great documentary

A well thought out and edited documentary on this Boston institution. It holds the attention of the viewer and gives an excellent insite into the clientele and the staff of this iconic diner.The interviews with both staff and clients are effective and well filmed. The juxtaposition of interviews with both sets of people and the current and past owners give an excellent overview of the history and the current situation of the diner and its place in this historic area of Boston.The ending which concentrates on the current standing of the diner in the community and the high regard in which it is held is of course factual but also heart-warming. I believe this is this couples first documentary and it augurs well for their future productions.

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