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Reviewed by raminemadi 8 / 10

History comes alive, bringing the horror directly to you.

While the idea of an animated documentary is odd to most people, 25 April is a quality animated documentary in the vein of "Waltz With Bashir", where upon interviews created through the diaries, letters, and written records of six New Zealanders, the 1915 Galipoli Campaign is brought to life.

If you hated history because you felt detached and frustrated in the names and the dates then 25 April is for you. It's as human, personal, somber, dramatic and real as the people who lived through Galipoli themselves, history lived on screen from the first steps in Galipoli to the last steps out.

Single-handedly, the best of 25 April is when the animation is taken advantage of, visual metaphor turned reality (Lice will terrify me for years) or when the cruel nature of trench warfare and war is brought to life.

The backgrounds are hauntingly beautiful and the facial animations of various characters are well done.

That's not to say 25 April is perfect and it certainly has one GLARING visual problem. Characters are cell-shaded 3D models and often stick out against the 2D backgrounds. Sometimes, that difference is minimal, sometimes, it's so blatant it can look "off" or "wrong" and can detract from a few dramatic scenes.

In spite of that, if you have any interest in World War One, have any hopes for the genre range of animation, or have an hour and a half of free time, April 25 will be well worth the watch.

Reviewed by flippingoodphoto 9 / 10

Wonderful treatment of a legend

Sensitive and moving documentary film based on 6 individuals who served in the New Zealand Expeditionary force at Gallipoli. Striking animations crafted with richly researched documentary screenplay. First feature length film on the subject from New Zealand directors and Leanne Pooley. The characters are well developed and the connections between scenes are very well down especially with the animated transitions and metaphors. The film hasn't had wide release here in Australia but i was lucky enough to see it on the big screen at The National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra. If you have the chance i would recommend you see this film, well worth a look.

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