29 Palms


Comedy / Crime / Drama

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Carlos Mencia as The Comedian
Jon Polito as The Security Guard
Litefoot as The Warrior #1
Russell Means as The Chief
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

style without substance

A corrupt judge (Michael Lerner) is about to rule on an expansion to a neighboring Indian casino. He tells the Chief (Russell Means) that the FBI has put an undercover agent (Jeremy Davies) in his staff. The man witnesses a group of Indians killing his beloved. The Chief hires the Hit-man (Chris O'Donnell) to kill him. They pay the Hit-man with a bag of cash but he's robbed by a casino Security Guard (Jon Polito) who in turn is robbed by the Cop (Michael Rapaport) who then leaves the bag with the Ticket Clerk (Bill Pullman) for 29 Palms. The bag is then mistakenly taken by the guy originally slated to be killed who picks up the Waitress (Rachael Leigh Cook) stranded when her car broke down.

It's interesting to follow the bag at the beginning. It has a silly ridiculousness about it. It stops being interesting after awhile. I wonder if director Leonardo Ricagni is trying to copy the Coen brothers or something like that. It becomes a boring mess. Chris O'Donnell is not nearly scary enough as a hit-man. Rapaport is a good weasel but none of the characters are particularly compelling. The movie wants it so bad but just doesn't have it.

Reviewed by LeonLouisRicci 4 / 10

Give It A Try...It Ain't Easy

This is good example of those film students who may think "I could make a film like that Tarantino, Stone, and Lynch". Not as easy as it looks to be different, quirky, avant-garde, and off your noodle.

Here we have a fair try but it is confusing and redundant (and not in any good way). The stylish look is not done in any new, fashionable, kind of way, it is done in a, by then (2002) ordinary, onslaught of dark humor and blatant bizarreness that smacks, rather than strokes the viewer. It all becomes tired and tedious and seems drawn out and long.

All the actors are suitably kinda kinky performers, except for the lead, who delivers a wooden, mumbling, uninteresting character that is consumed by anyone or anything that is on screen at the same time. The Native American Casino part of the story is offensive and over-the-top (again not in a good way). So we are given a mimicking attempt that fails to be nothing more than just a little bit interesting. Better luck next time.

Reviewed by elo-equipamentos 7 / 10

Extremely underrated picture, Polito has a priceless acting!!!!

Please watch the movie before, if you agree or not is another thing, this picture walk in a stony ground, offering an unusual conceptive picture, it's a allegory of how the life could have countless ways to happen, clearly this is so improbable to start, unless in a suppose case as displayed in the movie, amusing and weird moments mixing with unexpected farce fortify and gave us an enjoyable fun time, as sequence on hospital where Polito discovers that your "friend" was able to produce semen, then he can gets children, also he can piddle normally, however due the bullet hit his prostrate he never got any erection, his reaction is priceless, another funny moment is about Bill Pullman as the ticket clerk, he gone mad after so many mess around, without speak over the lazzy and crazy policeman Rapaport, also sounds weird the native Indians never get a change to be part of the white men's world, anyway a fabulous odd movie!!


First watch: 2019 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 7.5

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