3 Days of Normal



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Ajay Naidu as Vik Donowitz
Pawel Szajda as Trent Callender
Richard Riehle as Chief Dale Nickens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by face-819-933726 8 / 10

She needs a break, and a change, so this little escape could not have come at a better time.

It is exactly the movie you expect it to be. There are no surprises, but it is still a good movie. Such a sweet tale that will pull you in, and make you comfortable for a spell. The cast is all very believable, and you can tell that they are well, and truly committed to the rolls. Nikki could not be more vapid when she first arrives in town, and you can see the immediate bond form between her, and the locals, especially her new leading man, Bill. He just doesn't know it yet. For such a wholesome film the swearing of some side characters seemed out of place, and disconnected, really made it easy to tell what was just filler. This movie will touch you and you will be glad you sat for a while, and lived with these folks. I Enjoyed my time in the country, and you will too.

Reviewed by omayfield 5 / 10

if you are pleasantly asleep and want nothing more , this works

"Slight" is the word that springs spontaneously to mind after watching this tiny and trite, almost microscopic film. It feels more like a long preview of something better than a completed piece of art and we are left waiting for and wanting something, anything to seriously surprise or deeply delight us. Very little ever occurs at all, no characters are layered, or unpredictable or transformed, and much of what action there is is transparently unreal and therefore uninvolving. And yet, movies like this deserve their due faint praise, if for no other reason than that they successfully rise above the great and nearly constant morass of truly gaggable junkwork that so many current features seem to be made entirely of. It is not awful. It is peaceful and pleasant and pretty throughout. No jiggly camera, no cartoonish sex or antihuman violence. The acting and production is professionally competent. I'm almost grateful after having seen it... it didn't hurt me. It didn't empty my soul or defile my mind, and these days that is almost enough for a recommendation. Almost, almost. When just not being betrayed by a movie feels like a needed gift... what does that tell you about where we are in cinema today?

Reviewed by neil-moffatt 10 / 10

A gentle, subtle, delightful film too easy to overlook

What drew me into watching was the opening music. Then I was lured further by great characters and excellent acting. Sure, it has small town America and small independent film feel, but that becomes its charming feature.

But what lifted it to the 10 rating for me was the gentle, flowing lyrical music that just warmed my heart and added more than any visual could.

Take it as it is and watch it lightly. It should then beguile you.

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