3 Hours till Dead



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dcarsonhagy 1 / 10

3 Hours Long (It Seemed)

Another cheaply made "zombie" flick about friends out camping (*nudge/nudge; wink/wink*). Included in the entourage are (a) the brother with a secret; (b) the brother's brother who is just a little whiny-ass wuss; (c) the two hot girls; and (d) the disinterested boyfriend. Yawn. Because they've been out of touch with the real world for all of a week, they are unaware something horrible has happened and now everybody is eating everybody.

To come in at a very short run time, this movie sure did seem like it lasted three times longer! Had those involved actually ran with the concept of this movie (the dead only have 3 hours to live before they actually STAY dead) they might have been able to do something original with this. Instead, all you get is a movie where all the girls can do is scream and never try to defend themselves.

Rated R for zombie violence and some language. Better luck next time.

Reviewed by buxcrazy 2 / 10

A very bad movie with terrible acting.

This movie was very hard to watch. I cant believe they could possibly charge people to watch this. The acting in this movie is a big reason it sucks. Unless you like movies with $20 dollar budgets stay away. It was actually pretty funny (not purposely) which is why I gave it 2 stars instead of one. (Every movie gets 1 star for effort)

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 / 10

He's dead. He can't hurt you.

The day starts out with good news and bad news for Joe (Vladimir Zaric) on an outing with friends. The bad news is that Joe is AWOL. The good news is that due to the zombie apocalypse, no one is going to notice. Low on gas, our vehicle pulls up to a farm house...like that has never been done in a zombie film before.

Writer/director Jason Mills apparently loves old school foot dragging zombies and used them when he could, however the film couldn't be done unless he had some runners. The rule is you must choose one or the other unless you can explain why. Nor did we find out why a rural farmhouse off the beaten path had so many pedestrian zombies running about. In the original, it was a nearby graveyard, in this one it was? People leaving the city? Did they walk or were they all in the vehicle by the road and got out like a clown car? The scenes employed the jerk cam for horror effects with had appeared to be a dubbed "arg-arg" zombie noise, sometimes sounding like a comic Martian "ark-ark." Being AWOL, Joe suffers from "Branded" syndrome and needs to prove he is not a coward in every episode. Unfortunately the characters were boring, minimal zombie make-up, and badly written dialogue makes the film a pass except for those for feel they must see every zombie film ever made.

Guide: F-word. Implied sex. No nudity.

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