3 Times a Charm



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Vincent Giovagnoli as Jeremy Neuman
Carlo Marks as Chris Duvall
Lexi Giovagnoli as Emma Neuman
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Reviewed by perkypops 6 / 10

As neat a story about responsibility as you can get....

I am absolutely staggered that this film is hovering under 5 in the scoreboard because there is nothing to dislike about it. Sure it isn't going to win awards but for it intended audience it is neat, concise, entertaining and does deal with its subject matter in a very clever way.

It is a clever take on Groundhog Day in that heroine Emma has three chances at arriving at where she sets out to be after helping a strange woman in the car park of the local shopping complex. Prior to that we have already witnessed Emma as someone who really does put herself out for everyone. During the second and third repeats of Emma's relived day or so, we see changes in behaviours which all lead to rather different outcomes. And this is done without sophistication, without being too clever, and without losing touch with the point of the film.

My only complaint was swallowed by a revelation at the end of the film and so you'll forgive me if I don't write it down here. You'll probably guess what I was going to say if you go and see it. It isn't a bad film and it is a rather good story, well acted and well shot.

Six out of ten.

Reviewed by olympicator 6 / 10

Help is where you find it

This movie was about diverting expectations. It's about about a straight-A student who finds out that she does not understand the people around her as well as she thinks she does.

I'm just going to say it - this movie would seem really surprising to, say, a 14 year-old. The plot points in this movie are clever, but they are clever in ways that we have already seen before, and we've already seen done better (watch "Groundhog Day," "Rocky," "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," and "The Breakfast Club" for starters). This movie acts against the expectations that it sets up, but it is still not terribly original. The acting was good but could have been a little more serious. Some scenes just felt too silly and sentimental.

But I enjoyed this film. I've read a lot of people dismiss Lexi Giovagnoli as an amateur, but I like watching her. Carlo Marks, by comparison, was kind of weak. The others were okay, fun if a bit two-dimensional.

It's no coincidence that Chris needs help with a history test, because history is about people making decisions and then other people living with the results of those decisions. "3 Times a Charm" is a movie about learning more about the people around you, and learning to make decisions that will benefit those people. In the end the movie felt a bit underdone and underwhelming, but at least it tried to show us that lesson, because a lot of movies these days do not.

Reviewed by Elizabeth-2488 10 / 10

Emma gets to redo the last two days of her junior year of high school.

This film actually was quite entertaining and those of us who watched it, really enjoyed it! Some of those bad ratings where given before the film was even out, so not sure how they could rate it? Even my 19 year old son really liked it. He did not expect to watch the whole thing when we watched it, but he didn't want to miss what would happen next. It was a very cute, fun and entertaining movie about Emma who tries to make everyone happy, even if it means compromising herself. She has an opportunity to relive the last two days of her junior year and these two days will affect her future life. I like the way this story unfolds! It was one of those films where you have to stick around to find out what will happen next. It is a feel good movie and I would highly recommend it to anyone!! I enjoyed the writer's sense of humor and you will enjoy the characters in the film! I loved the first review and I agree with her overall, but I would give it a higher rating! It is an excellent coming of age movie that the whole family can enjoy!

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