3100: Run and Become



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fire-child 8 / 10

Essential, if sometimes eerie viewing for running curios

As a 'standard' marathoner and ultramarathoner in the past, I really am inspired by seeing the words, thoughts and feelings of frankly some of the most incredible runners on the planet - the people who dare to take on a foot race longer than the Tour De France (and this race is virtually unknown in comparison to Le Tour).

Watching their growth through their hurt and struggle, and wonderfully, that of other runners in contrast too in this film is staggering - such as a Buddhist monk's long distance quest around a mountain, that seems even more impossible than the main race; and a man running a special ultra to pay homage to his father's heritage and past - is moving and touching, albeit eerie if trying to put yourself into these incredible people's shoes.

However, there's one thread of the film I found in quite bad taste in a way - and that's looking at an indigenous people in Africa that's looking to find a way to continue hunting, and struggling to carry on their way of life with it. This segment actually has little to do with running, and seems slotted in alongside the other segments of the film as the director's personal charity 'focus'.

I don't want to dismiss the struggles of these people and their relationship with their government (important as this is). However the filmmakers conveniently and irritatingly forget to mention that Sri Chimnoy and many of his disciples have been (and are) vegetarian or vegan. Nor is meat consumption and hunting part of many Buddhist sects.

There is a time and a place for exploring their plight for sure, but I didn't feel this was the right place for it. Or entirely respectful, given the Self Transcendence race's roots and ethos.

Still, overall this is well made, and a wonderful window and contribution into this world. Crisp cinematography as well, of some beautiful nature scenery too on the running trails, is a bonus.

Reviewed by s-cimer 9 / 10

Probably the best movie of its genre so far made

If you are interested in long distance running and are open to the more inner aspects of it, then this is a "must see" for you.

It is extremely hard to make a good movie both about ultra running and modern day spirituality, but to combine them in a single project is really challenging. I've seen Sanjay Rawall's earlier works and I really liked them, but I was quite curious how will he manage this one, especially that this is quite a long movie.

Well, the events covered(the hunt in Africa may be an exception) are not really action packed - a bunch of determined runners circling around a New York suburb block (on concrete pavement) or a Japanese Buddhist monk circling a holly mountain for one thousand days, while immersed in prayer. Still by forging the different stories together it became quite a dynamic visual feast.

The movie is really beautifully shot and it gives it subtle, dignified feeling.

If you are interested in the topics and feel a bit low or just need some inspiration to go on with the projects of your life this movie will definitely give you a big inspirational lift.

Highly recommended!

Reviewed by amaravati 10 / 10

A source of inspiration and empowerment to all

I watched this film in in New York than in Bali during my holls. I than came across Rich Roll´s podcast interview about it which is fantastic. Basically I have been "surfing" on this "wave of inspiration" ever since the first encounter. I also found that I discover something new each time I watch it and this fuels my running. It looks at exercise from a few different perspectives which have - in a way, the same goal - going beyond your capacity and achieve giant changes for the better not only for yourself but for others as well. The sense of unity and togetherness which I felt while watching this is truly inspiring and touching. I really think that anyone can be inspired by the message in it, regardless of what hers or his capacity in running has been. I certainly started running more and have been using running as a prayer which is a whole new dimension for me. This film offers an approach to running which helps the runner to focus on happiness from progress rather than just on the success or an achievement. Some runners make running a ritual which feeds one on a few levels. It shows that this approach actually improves the performance - so it´s a win win situation- happy attitude gets you further, it helps to overcome obstacles which can be transformed into opportunities. Very grateful that I came across this. It can also instigate endurance in any task or journey as the message is very empowering in many ways and the indomitable spirit of the runners blows one away... . Enjoy everyone!

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