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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by benjaminwg 9 / 10

Go watch it immediately

The confused YouTube trailers and preview for this don't do it justice and made me not want to see it... for about 15 minutes. I went ahead and watched anyway and am glad I did. I'm knocking a star off because there's some useless stuff in this that's just taking up time and doesn't serve much purpose. It's also missing some of the detailed facts about how the ambush was executed and the subsequent battle unfolded. Considering how much time is wasted in this documentary and how they left certain information out, they could have utilized the time better. Nonetheless, they're understandably focusing on the cover-up and the culpability rather than the exact mechanics of what happened on the ground. Personally I would have included the details of the battle and all of the recovered battle footage rather than shying away from some of it. Those who think this sort of thing can't happen in the government anymore will certainly get a rude awakening.

Reviewed by jldivelbiss 10 / 10

Great documentary

I served in not 1 but 2 branches and understand where the brother was coming from of the SpecOps soldier that was killed who had a strong desire to serve again.

But man, I also know the deep cover ups of protecting of senior leadership butts that the military does. These men, Painter and Moseley, are scum of the earth and left their men out to die.

God bless our troops and those who look out for their brothers even in the line of fire. May God rest their souls and bring peace to those who are left behind, especially their children.

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