36 Hours


Thriller / War

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James Garner as Major Jefferson Pike
Eva Marie Saint as Anna Hedler
Rod Taylor as Major Walter Gerber
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 9 / 10

really cool war flick

James Garner is one of the men who knows about the plans for the Normandy Invasion in 1944.

The movie starts with him waking up in an allied hospital LONG after the D-Day invasion. He was apparently in an accident and the kind doctors and nurses are happy to see he is finally awake and regaining his memory.

However, through the course of the film, little oddities conspire to convince Garner that the war MIGHT NOT be over and that the hospital and the accident are all really part of an elaborate ruse! The acting and writing and pacing are excellent. This is a quirky little war film that begs to be seen.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 9 / 10

Skeptical About Information Not Obtained Under Torture

36 Hours is a film that finds James Garner as a major attached to Allied intelligence and to the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force in London. The best kept secret of World War II was the exact date and location of the cross channel invasion into western Europe. As things get closer to D-Day, the Allies want to make sure the Nazis stay fooled right up to the end.

Which is why Garner goes to Lisbon to check out a source at the German Embassy in neutral Portugal. But the Nazis have been watching him too. While in Lisbon, he meets up with a Mr. Michael Finn at a hotel bar rendezvous which renders him unconscious and Garner is secretly flown to Germany.

The nice things about 36 Hours is that some of the facts about the landings at Normandy are woven very nicely into an intricate espionage story. Incidentally some of the same facts that were used in another Garner classic film, The Americanization of Emily, but in a far more comic vein.

What the Nazis have decided to do is trick Garner into revealing the plans for the imminent invasion. They've set up an elaborate facade of a US. Army Hospital in an occupied Germany in 1950 and when Garner wakes up, they're going to convince him that the war is over and the allies have been victorious. They've even cooked up a love interest in Eva Marie Saint who is formerly a concentration camp inmate and like all of them will do anything to avoid going back.

All this is the brainchild of German doctor Rod Taylor who is convinced that without the usual Nazi like methods Garner can be tricked into revealing vital information. Skeptical about the plan, but willing to go along with it if it succeeds is SS major Werner Peters who played a lovely variety of Nazis in the Sixties.

Of course when Garner does realize this is all a charade it becomes quite a three cornered cat and mouse game between him and Taylor and Peters. The SS has a tried and true motto, they're skeptical in general about information not obtained under torture.

36 Hours is a finely executed espionage and escape drama. The cast is at they're combined very best. But as good as the ones I've mentioned, there is one stunningly droll performance by John Banner, soon to become Sergeant Schultz on Hogan's Heroes. He plays a German version of Dad's Army and he's one of the older generation that hasn't bought into the Nazi way. He's the best in this fine film.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

don't tell the audience

American intelligence office Major Jefferson Pike (James Garner) is tasked with uncovering German troop positions on the eve of D-Day. He's on his way to Lisbon to make contact with an unreliable source when he is kidnapped. He wakes up in what appears to be a hospital on an American army base in 1950. In reality, it's a German creation to extract the D-Day plans. Anna Hedler (Eva Marie Saint) is pretending to be his nurse and his wife. Major Walter Gerber (Rod Taylor) is pretending to be the psychiatrist treating him for his memory issues.

This is a really interesting premise. For such an intriguing premise, there is surprisingly little tension for the first half. It's not until Pike uncovers the ruse when the tension truly builds. Then I realized that this movie would work much better without telling the audience the truth at the beginning. This should be a mystery like a Twilight Zone story. The audience should uncover the Nazi scheme along with Pike.

There is also a problem with the twist. It is such an obvious twist that Pike's intelligence is diminished when he falls into the trap. The operation had multiple dates and he would be expected to keep the secret all the way to the last date and beyond. He can't trust much more than the days he experiences. It's almost like stealing candy from children. After that, the story goes through more necessary turns. The escape is probably the least probable. The ending should be him holding out until the invasion and the Nazis get the shock of their lives.

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