365 Days



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lemuspicapau2009 10 / 10

This is a ten

I will say that this movie accomplish to entertain, and personally I really enjoyed watching Michele Morrone, very handsome man. Off course it will not be expected that anyone that acted or produced this movie will be nominated for the Academy awards, but hey, what the heck, I liked it, even more than the Fifty shades franchise being honest with you. I will agree that I was expecting a more idrlic ending, but hey after watching this movie, I sure want to read the book.

Reviewed by chaplinman13 10 / 10

Erotica that is enjoyable, don't believe the ratings or bad reviews

The overall rating on this movie is quite misleading, and that's disappointing. Hence the reason for my 10/10. It probably deserves more of 6/10 or so.

365 dni is not to be Oscar worthy. It wasn't made to be the best dramatic film either. It is EROTICA. All these horrible reviews on acting, explicit sex, fetish's, no plot, and etc. Disappointing if you expected something different than the great erotica it is. The movie photo alone allures to more.

365 dni is aspects of movies more on the lines of Wild Orchid, Secretary, Henry & June, Killing Me Softly, Delta of Venus, 9 1/2 Weeks, Red Shoe Diaries, and yes even 50 Shades. ASPECTS though, not entire scenes. Move along if you're not here to view erotica and forgo your inaccurate reviews, please.

Although technically the lead male, Mossimo kidnaps lead female, Laura, there's more to it. Those crying #MeToo or Stockholm, maybe pay attention to the lead male character, Mossimo, as there's more. Sex only comes into play about halfway in. The only body parts shown are buttocks and breasts. However, it's very sensual and there is indeed build up, showing we didn't need full nudity to enjoy (but might be nice). Yes, there are oral scenes with proper sounds, but again, parts are not truly shown. You must use your imagination, which is fine and works well in this movie.

The movie begins on a rooftop. A meeting between Mossimo's father and two men. Mossimo is there (along with guards), but sees a beautiful, smiling, dancing, happy female through binoculars. I won't list any spoilers. There are three languages spoken (Polish, Italian, and English). My subtitles only captured the Italian and I understood the English. I missed out on the Polish conversations, which was a bummer, but not too many scenes (maybe 4). There is death (2 count), there is the chance sighting, there is beautiful scenery, there is wealth, there is the chance finding, there is murder, there is drugs (one scene), there is teasing, there is sex, there is pleasure, and there is love. Sure, there could have been more building between the two main characters, but that didn't make this a bad movie. Sure, there's aspects in the flick that are never fully explained, but again, it's erotica and didn't make this a bad movie. Yes, there's a spreader bar, chains, and fasteners, but this doesn't make it a fetish film.

To each their own. Only you, the viewer can be the judge, but you must be open minded and enjoy erotica to enjoy this movie. As for me, I'll watch it again and be happy with it. Thank you.

Reviewed by pianoBAcsunMortalKombatWearPink 6 / 10

Any contact with female is the dystopian road to babies guys.Be careful of the Subliminal man-woman msg and thank goodness for animal kingdom to annihilate the latter.

Andrew Jackson 2ne greatest president(behind Lincoln)? only one to return banks from shadowy organizations to American hands? Mortal kombat scorpions revenge released online: Truly extraordinary my Moonrakers of this achievement of men.

If you like this drama movie enjoy. All comedy is sucked away by 51% of the world's population whose goal is replication of humans, not creativity, want to disintegrate dreams of the 49% and are the cause of all drama. Need to be herded in correctional facilities to figure out how to deal with these actual walking viruses. Spy/secret agents need to reevaluate their focus and annihilate. Need to get torn up by animal kingdom. Movies with humans have the hero and girl trying to get with each other. They even include animals assuming human characteristics of that man-woman nonsense. Be careful of what gets brainwashed into your subconscious from this. Watch out for hole guys. The romance angle (romance(tm) is too much a term for this) is handled charmingly/cutesy but all of this is like aw man here we go with this stuff. I know this movie spiderman ffh is showing guidance to males how to deal with females. All imagination shown in this movie, creativity is the male ability, while females are replication of humans (aka babies) so both goals are contrasts with each other and know if you stick it in their hole your creativity goes swoosh disintegrates, you fall inline with patriarchy which is uncompromising. Replication is them celebrating the debauchery of humankind while creativity is trying to get closer to God (creating imaginative things.) Any contact with female is the road to babies guys. Even the cutesy way movie dalliances are portrayed. I cant provide all the know-how on the matter, what I can state here that someone else hasn't figured throughout the thousands of yrs of human knowledge. They want to grind up men but it is I who grind them into fine dust. Wear pink to take their power away? I get it's hormones, just j/o in toilet or napkin.- csunBApiano

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