4 Moons

2014 [SPANISH]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.4 10 4000

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Paulina Gaitan as Rosita in Telenovela

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michaeleb1025 10 / 10

Why can't the Gay Films in the U.S be this good?

It amazes me with all the talent and money in Hollywood that Gay films are generally so lousy. Except for a couple of films like GBF and The Geography Club there have been almost no good gay films in the past year or so. There are big director pretentious movies like Philadelphia or Broke Back Mountain in the past, but we need something more real and less hysterically depressing. This film is sweetly wonderful and true to life. Watching is like hearing the stories of people I have known. The well chosen actors give beautiful performances. The story telling is almost perfect. Chemistry between the leads is excellent and believable. When someone starts talking up an American gay director who makes a lot of product that isn't very good and acts like people should settle for it, I would rather read subtitles and see a movie of this caliber instead. Some of the very best Gay films are coming from outside of our borders where gifted directors are making very good films without huge budgets or overpaid actors. I have seen some excellent Gay films this year, none of them come from Hollywood.

Reviewed by dineshkapoor 9 / 10

A journey for love

Gay cinema has reached an epitome, by walking hand in hand with director Sergio Tovar Velarde. Four Moons ( Cuatro Luna's ) is one the most beautiful yet perfect LGBTQ feature films I have seen in years. In comparison with films like The Normal Heart or Pride it doesn't bother to tell a story of struggle for rights. Its a nice blend of relationships and the time-line of sexuality. The movie has four different layers. Each and every layers poses a different timescale of life. In one those layers the director successfully portrait the fear and curiosity of a kid who has instinct for a same sex. The second luna tells when young individuals have dilemma between his own skin, his love and family responsibility. Its eventually the most relevant in our society and time. The pride and respect can precisely enter in this situation to make a dignified decision. The third layer is address the loyalty issue of gay relationship/ marriage. It also push gay men into an another degree to ask themselves that "what is the glue for a successful relation ?" Is this sex ?? or love can handle it perfectly. Director ends the third node in a situation where society can learn why the stigma should banished and so the judgmental mentality. The most captivating chapter of the movie deals with the gay men and aging. Aging is natural law, so the sexuality. But the stigma within the homosexual community about age is prominent. How a same sex also could be a inspiration for the poetic creation is cleverly captured in this celluloid.Gay poets like Oscar Wilde to Emily Dickinson has known about their keen towards creation, but may be the first time it has been filmed the inspiration behind those. In conclusion its a journey in a time machine in a homosexual stigmatized world in search of love. Its clearly convey its message as well as teach us about the priority and balance. I preach this movie to watch if you are homosexual. I believe you won't regret.

Reviewed by ekeby 8 / 10

Interesting for sure

And interesting that (as of this writing) the one negative review here is from a Mexican who calls it the worst gay movie ever. He couldn't be more wrong. If you're reading this, reviewer, take a look at my reviews to find a selection of truly cringe-making gay movies. Try watching Regarding Billy, for example. Betcha can't make it all the way through.

Nevertheless, I think I know why someone from Mexico found this movie trite and a yawn. If you compare it to a Mexican movie like Y Tu Mama Tambien, yes, this is nowhere near that level. But it is competent, and it held my interest. Yes, it covers no new ground, but what is covered is done so in an interesting way.

Another reviewer points out how American this depiction of Mexico looks. Having lived in Mexico I would agree that most if not all of these homes would have had servants. I suspect the director felt that if servants were seen, European and US audiences would not find the characters as sympathetic. And he'd be right.

This is not a great film, but it is very good. I found nothing in this production to complain about. Well, all right, I didn't care much for the professor character or the actor who portrayed him. But maybe that's because (being in the same age bracket and out since Stonewall) I have little tolerance for closet cases--real or fictional--who have had their cake and now want to eat it.

There is a telenovista element to the story lines, but I think that's intentional. A scene where a mother's dry recitation to her son of a telenovela plot is very funny-and revealing. Let's face it. Gay life can be a telenovela.

From the Netflix description I too was expecting four short films. And I put off watching for that reason; it's not my favorite genre. But interwoven as they were worked well. I liked it. I think most American gay men will too.

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