40 Guns to Apache Pass


Adventure / Romance / Western

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Audie Murphy as Captain Coburn
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Reviewed by bkoganbing 3 / 10

Audie's Two Missions

40 Guns To Apache Pass involves Captain Audie Murphy's commanding officer Byron Morrow sending him on two missions for the cavalry. The first is to bring in the white settlers in their part of the Arizona Territory. The second is as the title says to bring 40 repeating rifles to the army stockade at Apache Pass, the better to fend off an attack from Cochise with.

It's sad that Audie Murphy who made such a good string for the most part of really competent B westerns even long after that genre had moved to television petered out that string with this film with an improbable almost laughable plot. On that second mission he takes some of the prizes in the garrison, two green recruits in Michael Blodgett and Michael Burns and some of the worst disciplined including Kenneth Tobey, a corporal with a mean and larcenous streak in him that Murphy had to bludgeon into submission on the first mission. Why he would take him again on a more dangerous assignment is beyond me.

Given the idiocy in picking this particular patrol certain things that one with half a brain could have foreseen, do happen.

Watching the film I believe Murphy was supposed to die, but the producers tacked on a ridiculous happy ending with Murphy going back to Laraine Stephens whose brothers were Blodgett and Burns. It's really rather obvious.

Best in the film and I'm sure he knew it was a turkey was Kenneth Tobey. He pulls out all stops in making his villain a memorable one.

I wouldn't waste my time with this one.

Reviewed by Prismark10 4 / 10

40 Guns to Apache Pass

Audie Murphy is Captain Coburn. A cavalry officer who has been tasked to deliver a shipment of 40 rifles to a fort fighting off the Apaches who plan to kill the homesteaders.

Coburn is leading a band of misfits and he drives his men hard.

One of them, Corporal Bodine a former Confederate soldiers leads a mutiny. He steals the rifles and plans to sell them to the Apaches. He leaves Coburn for dead.

This is a lackluster and routine western made at a time when the western genre was being revised. Coburn is a man hard to sympathise with. He won't let his men rest or drink water during blazing hot days.

There is a subplot of Coburn's fiance's two brothers. One dies while trying to shoot at some Apaches. The other freezes and is accused of being a coward. He later attempts to redeem himself.

Reviewed by classicsoncall 7 / 10

"A man who turns on his friends cannot be trusted by his enemies."

In his next to last film Audie Murphy had almost outgrown his boyish good looks enough to pass for a reasonably convincing hard case. His character Bruce Coburn is a no nonsense Cavalry Captain with orders to escort settlers out of Apache Indian Territory and later, to bring in a shipment of repeating rifles to the Army outpost at Apache Wells. There's a romantic interest in the role of Coburn's fiancé Ellen Malone (Laraine Stephens) but she's not a major factor in the story, basically book-ending her presence by being in one of the families Coburn removes from their homestead. However she has two younger brothers who join the Army to get their hands on some weapons to take it to the Apaches.

Even though the Chiricahua Apaches are a palpable menace in the story, most of the tension is provided by Coburn's nemesis within the ranks. Corporal Bodine (Kenneth Tobey) was a former Confederate who still hates the Union enough to desert in the middle of the mission and drag along a handful of soldiers, including the younger Malone brother Doug (Michael Burns). By this point, Doug had already witnessed older brother Mike (Michael Blodgett) attacked and dragged off by the Apaches, unwilling and unable to come to his aid by reason of cowardice. If you've seen enough stories like this, the eventual 'rise to the occasion' moment was being set up here.

I was a little surprised to see most other reviewers on this board lean toward the negative for this flick. Except for Murphy's own autobiographical film "To Hell and Back" and his 1959 Western "No Name on the Bullet", I found this to be one of the better ones starring the real life war hero. Part of that reverts back to my opening comment regarding Murphy's 'look'; in virtually every other Western I've seen him in, he doesn't look the part whether he's playing a hero OR a villain.

If I had to nit pick though, what didn't seem convincing to me was how handily Captain Coburn picked off all those charging Indians once he got his hands on the rifle cache. A little like John Wayne winning all those war and Western battles all by himself. But if you're an Audie Murphy fan, and by now I guess I'm in that camp, this is a decent send off in his last feature role.

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