40 Year Old Virgins



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ComedyFan2010 6 / 10

40 year old virgins

An interesting story. It is amazing how an incident that seems so small, having his pants pulled down and girls laughing when he was a kid, ended up messing up his sexual confidence. There might be more behind it. Interesting that there is an actual a service that helps people in that situation to overcome their issues. And this is definitely a good thing. I wonder if he now wonder that he should have done it earlier. Surprising though that a person who has such an issue with even say words like "penis" agreed to be part of a documentary and have a camera there when he took his pants off for the first time as well as having sex. This makes me wonder how staged it was. Otherwise it isn't a bad documentary showing the steps they make with their councilors.

Reviewed by jjr-76474 3 / 10

a documentary? Really?

I stumbled upon this while looking for the spoof movie "41 year old virgin who.knocked..." which may be why i thought at first it was a gentle and a little bit daring mockumentary.

But when i realized i was supposed to be watching a proper documentary, i started to feel manipulated (no pun intended). So we have a career actor, supposed to be terrified of his nakedness pulling his pants down in front of the camera before he very confidently handles a condom unwrapping, we have a virgin lady who never explored herself but instantly identifies, and correctly names the specialized section of the adult store she visits, a supposed sex therapist who invites her client "to look at her cl... and find her v...", in that order? (sorry for the words self-censorship, but it seems that they are unacceptable in their entirety to the curators of the database. Which i personally find misogynist but who am i to judge)

This is all either very sad, or very marginal or... very fake! A documentary, really?

Reviewed by scottedwards-87359 3 / 10


Clive Dancer, the gentleman featured, is a professionally trained actor, writer, director and performance artist. He has many acting credits to his name, including several that pre-date this documentary.

Whilst this documentary could be genuine, the fact that Dancey is a professional actor was deliberately not stated, and that is sufficient for me to call a foul.

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