6 Bullets


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Jean-Claude Van Damme as Samson Gaul
Joe Flanigan as Andrew Fayden
Charlotte Beaumont as Becky Fayden
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rambofan4life 7 / 10

Van Damme in Taken - rescuing a missing girl solid direct-to-video action flick

This is a good solid direct-to-video flick one of Van Damme solid action thriller films. Jean-Claude Van Damme is in "Taken" film, he is rescuing a missing girl. This is a different type of Van Damme not his best direct to video movie, like were Replicant, In Hell, The Order but the movie it self was a good action movie. I like this film mainly for Jean-Claude Van Damme who plays Samson Gaul, an ex-mercenary hired by parents for finding missing children.

Samson Gaul is hired by mixed martial arts fighter whose daughter was been kidnapped. This film is about human trafficking ring in which young girls are kidnapped and soled. This happens everywhere all over country's. Six Bullets was directed by Ernie Barbarash who did a solid job directing this movie.

Six Bullets (2012) in my opinion was a better movie than Steve Seagal's Out of Reach (2004) which Seagal used stunt doubles. My favorite film about human trafficking is Skin Trade (2014) with Dolph Lundgren which is a MILES way better action movie mixed with martial arts than both movies Six Bullets and Out of Reach. This is a still Van Damme's solid film it is an okay action thriller film, but could have been better. Here is father and son relationship which I like that. in which Kristopher Van Varenberg - Van Damme's son is in here I like that. Kristopher plays Samson Gaul's son, Selwyn Gaul who works on the embassy and he point Fayden's parents to Samsun for his help. Bianca Van Varenberg - Van Damme's daughter also plays her role in this movie as Amalia one of the girl's kidnapers.

Fighting is minimal, apart from the opening act, but it's quite good to see a sadistic Van Damme in which he kills 4 guys with knife. He tortures, maims, and kills without remorse and it gives the film a real gritty feel to it. In a bar beats some guys with his weapons but his in disguise so we don't know who it was. Was it a stunt man or Van Damme.

Six Bullets is an okay human trafficking film for a Van Damme flick but I have seen much better films. It is the only decent movie of the three films that Van Damme did with director Ernie Barbarash. Assassination Games and Pound of Flesh both suck so much! Six Bullets is the only good decent action thriller movie of those three films. Tough it is not my favorite action thriller film or Van Damme's best film. I do have this film on Blu-ray disc, the only one of three movies between those two.

Reviewed by omendata 6 / 10

Jean Claude is back and he has never even been here before...

I am not a big fan of Jean Claude and thought he had his hey day 20 years ago and found most of his later stuff a bit corny as though it was coming straight off a production line but I am now having to rethink this.

The action in this film is not your usual fake, unconvincing kicks and roundhouses but more in the style of Taken with Liam Neeson and is very well choreographed and not your usual sanitised violence.

I have always liked Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis - he has always been a favorite actor and he was well cast in this.

There were some really cool ideas like the pen with the hypodermic - never seen that one before.

This was a rather good action movie; much much better than expected. It seems Jean Claude has re-invigorated his acting career and his older world worn, chiselled face makes him seem altogether more real and less plastic than his old persona if this is anything to judge by.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

late Van Damme action

Ex-Legionaire Samson Gaul (Jean-Claude Van Damme) infiltrates an underground prostitution ring to save the abused children. It goes badly and the gangsters kill all the kids. He is haunted by them and reduced to working as a butcher. Former MMA champ Andrew Fayden (Joe Flanigan) travels to Moldova with his wife and young daughter Becky to make a comeback. Amalia lures Becky away into the underworld. A massive search finds nothing. Only local butcher Samson and his son Selwyn can help.

It's interesting that they're filming in Romania and Hungary. It's also problematic in terms of production quality. There is a step down in the look of the film. Also, the filmmakers may not be that good. Honestly, it's no worst than the Toronto for NYC of the 90's and there is a little exoticism in eastern Europe. If you don't expect great cinema, this is fine for a late Van Damme action movie. There are plenty of energetic fights if not perfectly filmed. Joe Flanigan is a solid TV actor who is marginally believable as an MMA fighter. This is straight forward Eurotrash action and a family affair for the Van Dammes. His daughter has potential if she can kick butt like her dad.

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