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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by enriquez-elaine 6 / 10


I am surprised the movie has such low ratings. It is a flawed film, but certainly better than a number of works I've seen with five or six stars.

The trailer gives you the gist. What drags the film down a bit is how it beats the audience over the head with the fact that the guy has a bunch of rules about dating. Another weakness was how quickly the sassy girl figures him out (and why not any other girl?) and how he seems to have never met another girl like her before (they are in LA?).

These are minor flaws. Tyler is a deeply self-centered man who is unaccustomed to showing weakness. He also clearly loves his friend and genuinely enjoys Sophie. The three play their parts well, and the writing lets their relationships come through to the audience over the course of the movie. The rock-star boyfriend and Foley as the art gallery owner were small parts that were entertaining and well acted in spite of their limited screen time.

I know men who are the main character. It was well written. The ending was satisfying and it didn't feel gimmicky at all (especially given the early scene between the two friends at the beginning of the movie). Overall it had balance and was an enjoyable watch. It wasn't art house cinema or a thinking man's romance, but it was far from most of the romance drivel on screen.

Reviewed by katemsingleton83 9 / 10

Enjoyable film

I should first say that I am not a movie buff or film critic but that I simply really enjoyed watching this film.

I saw this film at the Nashville Film Festival in the Spring of 2012 with no expectations going into it. I was pleasantly surprised by the writing and the feeling I got from the characters as I went through the emotions with them from beginning to end.

It's like a romantic comedy but with a little darkness to it that makes it feel more real that your typical Jennifer Aniston flick. The characters have their flaws and their quirks. You don't find yourself picking sides because everyone seems to be screwing up at one point or another which is what makes it feel so real. The plot is not cookie cutter. You don't know who will end up with who or if there is a "happy" ending because the writing doesn't lead you in an obvious path. It's so very refreshing in that regard!

There is a montage in the middle of the film where the two lead characters are spending a weekend of time together over the course of about 3-4 minutes of film and it's gorgeously filmed and so natural. I was really impressed in that moment by the actors themselves.

Also, there are no throw away characters in this cast. Everyone that was written into this script was done so for a reason, which is also refreshing.

This film was very well received at the Nashville Film Festival and there was a lot of buzz around about it after it screened. Do yourself a favor and go see it!

Reviewed by thomgar 3 / 10


*Spoilers - stop reading if you don't want to know the ending*

Call me crazy but I like a happy ending even if it is a cliché, especially when I am invested in the players. The acting was handled well enough to get really invested in the characters, so the ending left me badly unfulfilled. I can see that some may like the movie greatly just for that reason, however I wanted the guy to get the girl in the end and the happily ever after would have been great.

Can definitely see why the film has such a low rating. When I was finished watching it, I kept waiting for another scene during or after the credits to see if it was going to end better. When the credits stopped rolling and the film ended I was actually a bit sad/disappointed/aggravated. It's a shame, because otherwise the movie seemed to be well done. I can certainly understand people like what they like, want to be entertained, and look for escape with that entertainment. If the ending was better, this would get a 7-8 from me. As it stands, in my opinion mind you, it is a 3 and I will certainly not watch it again.

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