6 Weeks to Mother's Day



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by craigahrens 9 / 10

Tremendous film!

This is a flat out great film! My wife and I loved it from beginning to end. Mother Aew is one amazing woman. Her contribution to society is something we can all learn from and then some! One can't help but wonder if it wasn't for her... what lives would these children have had? This film is story telling at its finest. It goes to show you if you have passion for a noble humanitarian cause... what a great impact you can have upon another person's life. This film gets a big thumbs up from me!!

Reviewed by JGReviews 10 / 10

A Must Watch Uplifting Documentary

6 Weeks to Mother's Day is a remarkable documentary. I feel like sometimes people aren't as willing to watch a film on people who aren't celebrities or like themselves, but documentaries like these always end up feeling so rewarding and enlightening since you get exposed to new people and places.

The story concerns a school of orphan children deep in the jungle of Thailand who are going to celebrate their principal (known as "Mother") for half a lifetime of service. However, this school, these students, and Mother are particularly unique. The school is a democratic school, which is something I wasn't familiar with prior. The children are given a wide range of independence, largely govern themselves, and they seem to be thriving in that environment. The students at this school also have some challenging backgrounds, with some having to overcome abuse in their pasts. There's a complex and emotional scene at one point in the film where twins meet their birth parents for the first time and it is very powerful. The "Mother" of these students also has own remarkable backstory to tell since she has had to work incredibly hard and devote so much of herself to her students, while still carving out a unique and unconventional path to do so.

As for the filmmaking side of things, the director and his crew deserve a lot of credit for their efforts. It's commendable that they were even able to find the story of this school that is located deep in the Thai jungle. The film is well shot, featuring gorgeous locations. Between the pacing, shots of the jungle, and the demeanor of those at the school, the film has almost a relaxing quality to it that felt like a really nice change of pace since I'm watching during the coronavirus pandemic. The film also feels unmanipulated and observational, yet still incredibly personal. You really feel like you get a sense for these children and their teachers (mothers/fathers) by the end of the film. It's also impossible to not be moved by the emotions of the students and even alumni who come to honor their Mother at the end of the film because she is/was such a significant figure in their lives.

6 Weeks to Mother's Day is a must watch uplifting documentary that will make the world seem a little bit kinder and more nurturing after having watched it. Highly recommend.

Reviewed by williamgway 9 / 10

Solid Doc

This a solid documentary that succeeds without profiling a famous athlete or celebrity. If you watch this you will be better educated and have your heart warmed along the way give it a watch. Wonderfully set in Thailand, the 'cast' are extraordinary in their efforts and accomplishments.

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