7 Dwarves: The Forest Is Not Enough

2006 [GERMAN]

Comedy / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 4.2 10 3680

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Axel Stein as Rumpelstilzchen als Würstchenverkäufer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 6 / 10

Dwarfs go to town

"7 Zwerge" was a massive success in terms of box office here in Germany, so no surprise the second movie came out 2 years later. It's once again 90 minutes long. The center of it is Otto Waalkes once again and he brought basically the entire comedy elite from Germany in here. The director is Sven Unterwaldt again and he wrote the script with Waalkes and Bernd Eilert, who already worked with Otto back in the 70s. Not too long ago, a third entirely-animated movie came out, but it did not come even close to the commercial success of the first two. the second did not make as much money as the first, only about half, but still a whole lot, so it was the no°7 in box office 2006 in Germany.

The dwarfs are played by the same actors as in the first film, with one exception. Wöhler played Majowski's part. Nina Hagen plays the main antagonist again and her daughter Cosma Shiva is also back to reprise her role. Many of the actors, also in smaller roles, like Hoffmann return here and they also got some new names, including Lindenber, Stein, Barth, Pocher (not a great fan of these four, especially the last two) and Olli Dittrich ("Dittsche") as Pinocchio in a hilarious performance. But I'm a great fan of him anyway. The cast is top-notch and as good as it gets for a German comedy movie. Katy Karrenbauer, Jürgen Tarrach and Karoline Schuch are also in this films, all 3 more dramatic actors really. Just like the first, this movie has references about all kinds of fairy tales, not only about Snow White. I mentioned Pinocchio before, but there is also Rumpelstiltskin and Hansel&Gretel. The film's title is obviously a reference to James Bond. The (00)7 fits also nicely in terms of the amount of dwarfs, but I don't know if they thought about that.

One of my favorite scenes was Maddin Schneider's turn as a fireman, obviously the perfect profession for someone with so quick reactions like his. What I did not like, however, was that they somehow gave every comedian his moment to shine. I like Ralf Schmitz, but his pantomime number felt almost more out of a comedy program than out of this movie. Nina Hagen did not do really much for me either and I have to say I lost a bit interest here as the film went on. The first half was possibly better than the second. The "Pet Shop Boys" cover at the end was nice though. All in all, I would say this film is slightly inferior to the first, both pretty decent movies though and worth a watch.

Reviewed by sklose32 3 / 10

Not the best - not a worthy sucessor to the pretty good first part

Despite what a lot of other people thought about the first movie, I really liked it. This one however. How to sum it up in one word?: This movie is (and here comes the word): CRAP!

But let's look at it part by part: Here is the plot: Finally the old queen has been removed from her castle, but her successor: Snow white has problems of another sort: The Court-Jester, Father of her son, has gone astray, as the super, Spliss, goes to the extreme, to battle his gray hair and sells the royal offspring for some blond and full hair. In her desperation Snow white seeks the help of Bubi (Otto Walkees),who must first find his other six dwarf companions and then try to find the royal offspring or at least try to find the name of Rumpelstiltskin.

The whole plot seems to have been written on a weekend, where the writers were very drunk but were just under pressure from the studio to write the screenplay.

Yes, there are some good jokes. Even for fans of the first part, or for fans of any of the other actors, it's really not worth buying the the DVD. Believe me.

The only thing, that at least kind of saves the movie from complete oblivion, are the performances of some of the actors. That's why I gave the move 3/10. Sadly, the script is so bad that none of the actors or all of them combined can make up for the bad story.

For example, at one point, they even cross over in our reality, and sadly.. they don't do anything funny while being here.

Still, a lot of great actors in this movie: Otto Waalkes, Ralf Schmitz, Martin Schneider, Nina Hagen, Cosma Shiva Hagen, (Especially funny): Rüdiger Hoffmann as the mirror, Helge Schneider and many more but sadly all these comedians aren't able to bring this really bad script to life.

Maybe it is a treat for some hardcore fans but for regular movie goers or by now DVD Renters or buyers it's not worth the money.

I even regret renting the movie.

Reviewed by jp-aventurier 5 / 10

Sophomore jinx be damned!

The Zwerge are back! But, sophomore jinx be damned!, they left all their good bits in the first movie. The comic balloon has a leak, and completely pops when the dwarfs take a side trip to the real world (ala "Les visiteurs"). This opportunity to take some fairytale shots at the modern world is completely lost. Flat. A waste. The dwarfs move about modern Berlin unnoticed, as though, having broken the fourth wall, they no longer have a point. And neither does this movie.

The only good part was, again, Nina Hagen. Sadly her part is greatly reduced - less GaGa and more what Tim Burton's Mrs. Lovett should have been. Just fantasy-casting here, but can you imagine what "Sweeney Todd" would have been like if a professional singer/actress had been cast?! Someone with a long reputation of dark, theatrical performance?! (sigh) but one can only dream now...

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