76 Days


Documentary / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mbrcf 6 / 10

A showcase of COVID vs humanity

TIFF 2020 13

76 Days

filmed mostly in a single hospital in the city of Wuhan, the film shows the period of 2 and half months of lockdown in that hospital and what goes there in that time period. Having access to these footages form the very first frontlines against COVID is what makes this film very special and important. It helps us understand and feel the horrors of those days when we didn't know much about the virus and its behaviour. The film makes of more appreciative of what the hospital staff, the doctors, nurses and everyone involved did for us. Thank you so much for saving us all.

Reviewed by chong_an 9 / 10

Documenting the 76 days of lockdown in Wuhan, China.

Wuhan, China was the epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak, and was locked down for 76 days, while hospital staff struggled with an overload of patients. With all the protective equipment securely taped to them, the staff could hardly be distinguished from one another, if not for their names written on their gowns. Some medical teams from outside Wuhan included their city of origin, and eventually pictures or words of significance are added for individualization.

After the initial rush and chaos, the stories of various patients are followed. The irascible fisherman, the married couple in separate male and female wings, the parents and the newborn baby, etc. Some get discharged, some don't make it. There are also some out-of-hospital scenes of people in lockdown. Despite the fact that some directors have to remain anonymous, the film is not a condemnation of China, but a tribute to the hospital workers, and to a smaller extent, the volunteers.

This is the 1st movie about the pandemic, and is worth seeing.

Reviewed by avenuesf 4 / 10

Kind of a disappointment

I was able to see this documentary through DOC NYC's virtual film festival last night, and I have to say I expected a more powerful film. The patients the filmmakers follow in the Wuhan hospital all survive (even the very elderly ones) and are shown all being discharged from the unit eventually. The only reference they make to those patients who died from covid are through a small box of cell phones they use to track down relatives. We all know there has been a huge death rate from this virus, and the film would have had much more impact if they had followed patients who, like so many, didn't survive. The film doesn't even describe the symptoms most of the covid patients are experiencing in order to illustrate how devastatingly ill it can make people who contract it; it just shows patients tired or grimacing, with no explanation of what they're going through. It also doesn't illustrate how many people who have survived the virus are still experiencing what could possibly be life-long complications from it. I think this is an important film in that it illustrates the bravery and the incredible compassion Wuhan's frontline workers have toward their patients on their unit; but in terms of shedding light on just how serious this virus can be and how many people it has killed, I found it unfortunately lacking.

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