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Reviewed by blumdeluxe 5 / 10

A political statement

One of the main characteristics of a good documentary for me is that it provides objective information about a certain topic or incident, leaving it to the audience to draw their own conclusions. While it is of course fine to raise questions, also those that can be discussed controversially, it is in my belief not the task of a documentary to serve as a subjective political statement.

This is a movie about a terrible mass shooting. I appreciate that it focuses on the victims and gives word to their loved ones. I hope that they feel that their destinies are not forgotten. At the same time I do not understand why footage from the crime scene has to be shown, that seems a bit respectless towards the victims.

My main problem with this otherwise highly interesting documentary is that it draws easy conclusions to find a guilty one, in this case the police. Even though the police men in this film provide believable and serious reasons for why they could not save more lives, they are permanently portrayed as being responsible for the death of the victims. First of all this is a terrible crime. No one else but the shooter should be held responsible. That of course doesn't mean that the case shouldn't be investigated and that there weren't perhaps mistakes in how the police forces were organized. But to attack them time and again and blame them for hesitating to shoot randomly or be heroic enough to trade their lives seems highly unfair to me.

The movie shows that there are a lot of untold stories and tragedies surrounding this incident and it portrays some of the aspects in a very professional way. But in the end I cannot help but get the impression that here a filmmaker placed himself and his believes above objective information. And that cannot be good.

Reviewed by lyndalu-45740 3 / 10

Really Good and Really Bad

I would have given this documentary a really high rating but they absolutely tried to put the blame on law enforcement rather than the gun man. I finally turned it off, it was disgusting how the interviewer tried to make it sound like it was the police officers did something wrong. Shameful. Because of how much the film maker tried to get the audience to blame the police, I DO NOT recommend watching this. It is a story that needs to be told but not by this obviously biased filmmaker.

Reviewed by Mr-Fusion 4 / 10

Great subject; shoddy journalism

The McDonald's Massacre. Thirty-four years ago, it was the worst shooting in American history and forced the producers of "Red Dawn" to remove a shot of a tank rolling up to a McDonald's from the movie. That little piece of trivia is the reason I was aware of this tragedy in the first place, and it's for that reason that I was psyched for a documentary. Hopefully, a good one.

But "77 Minutes" does not measure up. The movie was produced with an axe to grind, and filmmaker Charlie Minn leaves no illusions about it. His beef is with the police who failed to take immediate action, and almost every officer interviewed is taken to task. You can understand a person in Minn's position who wants answers for those wronged, but this isn't a quest; he's already made up his mind and now the police have to explain why they screwed up. That's not journalism, and it becomes grating after a while.

What Minn does get right however is a refusal to celebrate the killer (I don't think the man's name is even uttered in the film), and instead letting the survivors speak. That's the reason to see this movie. I even appreciate the use of graphic crime scene footage to impress upon our current desensitized state the horrors witnessed that day. Yes, even the gratuitous dead infant shots. It all works to convey the victims' traumas.

I found myself on the side of the police in this movie. Not all of them became politicians, and you can tell that they're sincere in their appraisals of the operation carried out that day; they've clearly wrestled with this for years. And I liked hearing from them. But it's as if Minn lets off the killer as an anomalous crazy and instead demands to know why the police were the bad guys in taking so long to take him down.

And that is abhorrent.


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