8 Days to Hell



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Eric Roberts as Alex Fillmore
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chaosbaron 6 / 10

Cheap, but good horror fun

If you are a fan of Tales from the Crypt, Creepshow, or the like, you might enjoy this anthology film.

This is no great work of art, but has a good mix of stories with some silly off the wall twists, some better than others.

The CGI, was as to be expected not extraordinary. I think if the film would have went with some more practical, even if as cheap, would have looked more charming.

Some of the stories shot by a bit quickly, as one might expect when you include 8 sometimes loosely connected mini stories together.

The acting was, perfectly adequate for this type of film.

Reviewed by aarpcats 3 / 10

So bad that it needs a new word for "bad"

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate "so bad they are good" horror movies, as well as homages to the schlock of the past. However, I found neither in this film.

Bad acting, predictable storylines and women in lingerie make this one more crap fest that includes the usual five minutes of Eric Roberts doing what he can to keep his SAG health insurance. The rest of cast includes the usual waitresses, bartenders and valet car parkers whose real jobs pay the bills while they try to get their first break.

May they all get something other than this film to make them famous.

Reviewed by boondixie 1 / 10


The whole budget used for Eric Roberts for his 10 minute inclusion? So much more could have come out of the stories, had they not worried about having a main stream actor at his lowest than these terrible, below b(d actors) performances. 3 C actors would have been much less painful.

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