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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Foutainoflife 6 / 10

Good For Low Budget

For this to be a low budget film it was pretty good. You have low budget issues such as, mediocre acting, scenes that should've had better settings and the plot could've used some work. I want to give credit where credit is due and even with my few complaints I still liked what they were trying to accomplish. The make-up effects were not cheesy and even though they needing a bit of polishing up, the actors were trying their hardest to make this a decent movie and I could tell that. It is creepy rather than scary but the atmosphere was really adding to the effect. This is not a top movie but it is a really good B-movie nonetheless. I would encourage people to give it a chance. It is a film that has some effort put into it.

Reviewed by wkkl13 3 / 10

Great material and visuals, but bad character development and story

Personally, I thought it was gonna be great because the stereotype is that Thai horror films usually don't fail to impress. This one did unfortunately.

While the story arcs from different points of view were interesting, it failed to build any suspense and it leaves the audience in the air about it's direction. The visuals and premise were great to work with unfortunately the plot was not richly illustrated.

It also feels like it's ripping off another film made in Thailand like The Shutter. I could tell the writers really tried with this film to make it look multi-layered but it just disappoints in the end.

Overall, yes it was a let-down. But if you'd like to give it a shot, go ahead I guess... a decent movie date night maybe? :S

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