A Bad Idea Gone Wrong



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 1214

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Matt Jones as Marlon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SashaDarko 8 / 10

A good comedy.

A story about cringeworthy burglary acted by two no-so-smart thieves, which probably weren't thieves before at all (and their motives are pretty weak too, to be honest). Not a laugh-out-loud type of comedy that's for sure, but it should make you chuckle here and there. The pacing is perfect (it's never boring), the cast is right and the actors deliver their lines just perfectly, with lots of charisma. No truly dumb jokes, no "ass" jokes, just a somewhat old school lighthearted comedy.

It's also on the "lightey" side when it comes to the plot and very far from being realistic, with the last scenes going completely "coockoo" and being not believable at all. Still a good entertaining movie which is just pleasant to watch.

Reviewed by Stovepipe99 6 / 10

Decent comedy

When I pick a film off of Amazon Prime having never heard of it before, I always go in with lowered expectations. From time to time I'm pleasantly surprised and this was one of those cases.

The film follows two men, Marlon and Leo, who break into a home in a gated community, only to find themselves trapped inside with a woman, Darcy, who has her own reasons for being in the house.

On the positive side of things, all of the actors did really well with their line delivery, which elevates the writing. Matt Jones has a voice that reminds me of Jake Johnson, with that very dry humor, and the actress playing Darcy also had a very good deadpan delivery. There were also a few well done scenes of physical comedy. Given that the film basically only has the three characters, it does enough dynamic things with them (and the runtime is short enough!) that you don't really get tired of them.

On the downside, the film lacks any actual compelling emotional center. The heart of the film really has to do with Leo getting over his ex-fiance, and I cannot emphasize enough how totally boring this element was for me. The ex-fiance is basically absent from the film, so we depend entirely on Leo telling us how much he loved her. It just isn't interesting, and the conflict it generates between the characters is underwhelming. I wish the writers had found a different way to create tension between the three main characters. I also didn't particularly care for the way that the film developed the relationship between Darcy and Leo--the writers go with the trope of the "nice guy" who deserves to have a woman be in love with him and I just find it to be an annoying cliche. Darcy's character is very quirky and I didn't find her attraction to Leo to be very believable.

This movie moves along at a good pace, it has several well-delivered, funny lines, and the actors generally have good rapport. It is certainly stronger in the first half and loses its way a bit in the second half. The actors do a good job of delivering their lines and keeping the energy of the film up. This isn't a movie I ever see myself rewatching, but I think it's worthy of a viewing.

Reviewed by migueljunadvincula 10 / 10

wonderful surprise

I was at work yesterday and, as usual, i got bored out of my mind (don't tell anyone), so i decided to watch this movie. i set my expectations pretty low because it was just to pass the time but, lo and behold, i was pleasantly surprised by how great the movie was. this is an independent film through and through, as there's basically just three people interacting with each other the whole time, but what it lacked in budget it more than made up for with an excellent little comedy that trumps most of what's out there today in the same genre. the cast turned in great performances, especially Matt Jones,Will Rogers' character was totally identifiable (at least he was to me) and Eleanore Pienta was perfect for her role.

i don't do movie reviews as a norm, as there are enough people out there doing it, but i just had to try and give this little gem a boost in order to get more people to watch it and have a wonderful surprise like i had watching it.

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