A Birder's Guide to Everything



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Ben Kingsley as Lawrence Konrad
James Le Gros as Donald Portnoy
Alex Wolff as Timmy Barsky
Kodi Smit-McPhee as David Portnoy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jena-howie 8 / 10

A film for everyone

Saw this film at Tribeca and I LOVED it! It's one of those movies anyone can watch and get something out of. It made me laugh, cry, and self-reflect. For a film to do all of those things - that's powerful. I enjoyed the film for its humor, originality, and emotional dimension. When you are a kid and tragedy strikes it's hard to bounce back and feel sturdy in your surroundings - this film takes you back to that uneasiness and shows a view of life through the eyes of a motley crew of teenagers, figuring out their role in a series of eye-opening events on a quest for more than just an extinct duck. The characters are funny, well developed, and real. The coming of age concept is something I think everyone can relate to in some way or another. This film can remind of us that sometimes life itself is a quest with many surprises along the way and that we are never too old for an adventure. The fact that the film was co-written says a lot about the talent and caliber of the writers. I think the collaboration was a huge contribution to the realness of the characters and is what helps this film appeal to a variety of audiences. Props, Rob and Luke!

Reviewed by andyland 9 / 10

very enjoyable film

This movie is just fantastic. The chemistry between the four teenagers will win anyone over. Beautiful shots of nature and a wonderful story that anyone can relate to. Performances by Sir Ben Kingsley and Alex Wolf are highlights. Highly recommended for all ages. This movie deals with loss so well that it can help heal all who see the film. It also has some of the funniest moments I have seen in a movie theatre in some time. It is to Tribeka Film Festival's credit that they chose this film for their 2013 screenings. If there is a chance to see this film do not let it pass by. Nobody would regret the experience.Congratulations to the film makers.

Reviewed by barefootjessie 10 / 10

Beautiful, touching and funny

This is a sweet and moving film that goes beyond your ordinary feel-good movie. The layered story and its characters touch on grief, growing up, family, friendship, adventure and birds. Some topics that come up are: a father-son relationship, first crush, hiking, marriage, coming to terms with losing a loved one, competition and of course, bird-watching (which you will learn about in an authentic way). It is completely engaging, earnest and real. It is gorgeous to watch as the nature scenes are beautifully filmed. The acting is honest and the characters are delightful. It is also very, very funny. I loved it, as did my 14 year old son. I would recommend it for tweens, teens and adults.

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