A Challenge for Robin Hood



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MattyGibbs 7 / 10

Entertaining and fast paced Robin Hood tale.

This is a surprisingly decent Robin Hood story. It quickly tells the story of how Robin Hood came to be. A wronged nobleman escapes to the forest and quickly gains a small army in order to gain revenge against his cousin.

The plot is thankfully easy to follow which isn't always the case with these films. It features the usual Robin Hood swordplay mixed with a good dose of humour. The fast pace and plenty of good sequences means that there are few dull spots and Barrie Ingham makes a good and charismatic Robin Hood and Peter Blythe is great as the evil and snivelling Roger de Courtenay.

As it's obviously not a big budget effort I thought this was a good effort and though no classic it's worth watching for old adventure film lovers.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 7 / 10

One of the liveliest on-screen Robin Hoods

This virtually forgotten Hammer film is a real treat for fans; being as it is a fast-paced, action-packed and excellently-made little adventure film, which, while lacking any familiar faces in the cast, still manages to impress in all areas. The film visually looks as good as the best of the Hammer horrors; the photography is crisp and clear, it's very colourful, and the action scenes are well filmed and choreographed. This is just the kind of old fashioned adventure yarn for kids that they used to make in the '60s, of course replaced today by bloated blockbusters packed with dumb special effects, too much comedy and a lack of effort all round. Bitter, me? Despite the fact that only a couple of familiar Hammer names pop up in the cast and crew of this film, all involved are uniformly good. While Barrie Ingham may lack the same charisma as other famous Robin Hoods of the cinema, he looks the part and at least brings a good nature and a sense of justice and honour to the role of Robin, all important factors for me. The real scene stealer is James Hayter, who plays his Friar Tuck as comic relief. Hayter is excellent and frequently has very funny lines. Peter Blythe and John Arnatt make for a pair of thoroughly wicked villains, and the only character who's really underused is Maid Marian. Gay Hamilton is fine, fragile and beautiful in the role, but she's given nothing to do except stand in the background, be kidnapped or do old-fashioned "womanly" tasks, i.e. tending wounds etc.

As per usual for a Hammer picture, the sets are authentic and the costumes are fine. You can really lose yourself in this film and totally forget about real life, which of course happens with all the best adventures. There is plenty of action and child-friendly violence, and the finale sees the hero battling the villain in the best ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD-style swashbuckling sense. Downsides? Only two I can think of. Rather too many of the bad guys all die exactly the same death, i.e. getting shot in the back with arrows. Maybe this was a cheap, non-violent effect but seeing it repeated a dozen times (albeit from a different angle each time) is kind of disappointing, and I'm sure a little imagination would have gone a long way. The sole other disappointment is the ending, which sees the evil Nottingham escape on horseback. This was obviously done to leave room for a possible sequel, although none materialised and indeed this turned out to be the last of Hammer's Robin Hood pictures. But I think a sequel to this film would have been stretching ideas a bit, and it sits proudly as a stand-alone movie as being one of the liveliest, colourful adaptations of the legend since the classic Errol Flynn film.

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend 7 / 10

Alas poor Fitzwarren, I knew him well.

A Challenge for Robin Hood is directed by C.M. Pennington-Richards and written by Peter Bryan. It stars Barrie Ingham, Peter Blythe, James Hayter, John Arnatt, Gay Hamilton, John Gugolka, Eric Flynn, Leon Greene and Douglas Mitchell. Music is by Gary Hughes and cinematography by Arthur Grant.

A Seven Arts-Hammer production in De Luxe Color, this is another variant on the Robin Hood legend. Very much operating from the Norman and the Saxon feud, pic has all the requisite swashbuckling shenanigans to entertain the family. It's very colourful, both in camera lensing and costuming, robust with the action scenes, and thrives on the good olde goodies versus baddies nature of the origin story.

The Masked Monk!

It's all very fanciful of course, with derring-do and machismo the order of the day, which unfortunately renders the Maid Marian (Hamilton) character as being an outsider looking in. Yet the camaraderie of the merry men, the earning of trusts and surrogate kinship's, ensures there's nary a dull moment in the tale.

The pies have it.

Whilst the choreography is not high end, the standard of the buckling of the swashes is better than average, while there is some fun sequences that can't fail to raise a smile. Pennington-Richards and his team have managed to not let the modest budget bog the picture down; modern day car glimpsed in the background of one shot not withstanding!

Mr. Kipling makes exceedingly good cakes.

The cast is made up of mostly unknowns, but that is absolutely fine as the likes of Ingham and Blythe are attacking their roles with such relish, with a glint in their eyes, it's hard not to just buy into the frothy fun of it all. The standout is Hayter as Friar Tuck, the voice of a major cake advertising campaign in Britain, he steals every scene he is in here and he actually on his own makes this well worth watching.

There are far better Robin Hood movies out there, for sure this one feels at times like it's clinging on to the swashbuckling coat tails that had long since gone as the 70s approached. Yet sometimes all you need from this type of film to entertain is guts and frivolity, and this has it in spades. 7/10

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