A Cheerful Christmas


Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 2 / 10

Christmas with no cheer

Hallmark Christmas films are a very mixed bag, some are surprisingly good, some are mediocre at best and some sit somewhere in between. As a big film lover with a relatively diverse film taste (or at least that is the intention), the Hallmark Christmas films are by me seen expecting pleasant inoffensive diversions and not expecting all of them to be masterpieces. Anybody expecting the latter, dependent on tastes of course, will be disappointed, but anybody expecting the former may find themselves liking some of them for what they are.

'A Cheerful Christmas' had a lovely title and an oddly intriguing, if fairly cheesy, premise. Sadly it didn't leave me cheerful, or really anything other than boredoom and annoyance. 2019 was not the best of years for Hallmark Christmas films, though a small handful pleasantly surprised me, and in my mind 'A Cheerful Christmas' is a very strong contender for the worst of this year's batch. It's not irredeemable but its flaws are many and are so big it's impossible to overlook.

It looks good, especially the scenery which is beautiful.

Chad Connell also does a great job in the male lead role, he is charming and doesn't try too hard or look bored. By far the best actor in the film and the one to give the only halfway decent performance.

Sadly, the script is incredibly cheesy and stilted with the sentimental sugar going into overload in places. The direction is serviceable enough visually, but when it comes to providing any momentum or interesting drama it is a failure. Directing-wise, this is quite phoned in work. The story lacks any charm or heart, and doesn't really have any real depth at all. It's very thin too structurally and executes it in a leaden and stretched out fashion, and lets not get started on how it does absolutely nothing new with typical Hallmark story ideas. Other than the setting, structurally this has been done before. The music is again too constant and intrusive.

While Connell does well that cannot be said for Erica Deutschman, who painfully overacts her role from start to finish and is just awful. Kellie Pickler is Oscar-worthy in comparison. The lead character as a result is truly obnoxious and feels more like an exaggerated cartoon rather than a real person. The rest of the cast fail to stand out and don't bring much distinct or memorable to their sketchy, cliched roles. There is absolutely no chemistry between Deutschman or Connell and the relationship is underdeveloped and undermined by that we are constantly thinking "what does he see in her".

Production values and one good performance aside, 'A Cheerful Christmas' was very bad. 2/10

Reviewed by phd_travel 4 / 10

An annoying Christmas

Unfortunately this movie is more annoying than cheerful. A Christmas coach (do people really do that for a living?) falls for some British aristocrat while enthusiastically doing her job decorating his mansion and planning the holidays. Shouldn't she just do her job and leave him alone? Anyway she melts his frosty heart gradually.

The 2 leads are a pleasant looking. pair. Can't blame the actress Erica for the role or the well worn story. The Canadian actor puts on a British accent - there have been worse accents on Hallmark.

This movie is not the worst but definitely not one of the better ones.

Reviewed by JoBloTheMovieCritic 4 / 10

A Cheerful Christmas

4/10 - the story was fine, but by God was the main character beyond irritating

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