A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong



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Derek Jacobi as Scrooge / Self
Diana Rigg as Aunt Diana / Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scoobzuk 10 / 10

Another Great Show

People REALLY need to understand that they are making mistakes , and they are professional enough NOT to laugh making it, there was great humour to it, in life, we must not always think they are meant to be doing a SERIOUS production, things are MEANT to go wrong, certainly gets you away from ALL the fake in normal tv production, where scenes are continually cut until an overpaid actor gets their words right .. WELL done, i am still trying to find out HOW to get this on DVD

Reviewed by psivampire 9 / 10

Absolutely amazing and funny!

I have watch Peter Pan Goes Wrong(Movie), The Goes Wrong Show, and have The Play That Goes Wrong(Broadway) 3 times and loved all of them. This one does not disappoint either.

While the jokes and "fails" may be repetitive as they are the same as in the others, this is not a problem at all. These are fails that a lot of us in theatre worry about or what may happen during rehearsals or even the shows. What makes these different is the story of the show that is being put on. Same fails, but different settings.

As someone who has worked backstage in theatre for 11 years, mostly in set construction and lighting design, many of the fails are things we joke and worry about such as set safety. I know actors worry a lot about missing lines, messing up, etc. I have even had actors faint during shows and costumes completely fall apart. Besides the comedy part, it is very inspirational and encouraging about pushing through in a show no matter what happens.

Sadly though, these jokes are sometimes not as funny to those who have not done tech or acting before.

Reviewed by coynieuk 9 / 10


All very good but Peter Pan Goes Wrong is marginally better I really don't know why I was on the flour I laughed so much this really will brighten your day

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