A Christmas Miracle



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Reviewed by JoBloTheMovieCritic 5 / 10

A Christmas Miracle

5/10 - this HMM original lacked a spark of originality and will be quickly forgotten as a result

Reviewed by doctorsmoothlove 4 / 10

Not a miracle for the viewer.

What a surprise to see that "A Christmas Miracle" was directed by the journeyman Tibor Takács. He has been directing low budget films since the early 80s. Most of his works are science fiction or horror. This time he's making a Christmas film for Hallmark. Wherever you find work I suppose.

The film isn't bad. It isn't that good either. A journalist relocated from the small town of Savannah, Georgia to Denver has to deliver a heartwarming story for her employer's holiday magazine. Why the script chose to make the main character from Savannah is a bit strange. It is anything but a small town. Regardless, her young son doesn't seem to be adjusting to city life. He is at the age when a little boy needs to have a father around. Shockingly, the script acknowledges that the main character divorced her son's father. It's rare to see Hallmark scripts attempt to mimic real life this closely.

The journalist discovers a talented musician playing music for free in the park. He seems a little too good. She decides to write a story about him. I won't spoil the rest because you know how it will unfold.

Tamera Mowry-Housley and Brooks Darnell as the leads are well suited. They have a breezy interaction and the script gives them different personalities. She is positive but uncertain and he is cynical and forthright. Their attraction feels natural as they work on the writing project.

My only major complaint is the script's unnecessary plot threads. The son character and the boss character don't really serve any narrative purpose. I dislike how many of these films use a child character to artificially increase viewer sympathy. It is rarely earned and rarely justified. This film is no exception to the general rule. The clumsiness lowers the score I give a bit.

Reviewed by dianamarinelli 9 / 10

Really brings you to the Christmas spirit

This hallmark movie brings you to a Christmas spirit. It has a message of how you should fact check before believing someone's story and also there is always a Christmas micracle

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