A Dark Foe


Crime / Drama / Horror

IMDb Rating 7.3 10 2886

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sauerkraut-96467 1 / 10

Disturbing and disjointed

To start off, I am astounded that they got the actors they did to make this movie. I am not sure if it was the script or the director and editors that messed this up. There are too many story lines and none of them connect to any of the others. It turned out to be a jumbled mess that makes no sense what so ever. Just the disgusting and disturbing nature of this movie is enough reason to skip it, but add in the jumbled up story there is NO reason to watch this.

Reviewed by kellyann-29680 8 / 10

A real thriller

This is a pretty good thriller flick. The movie is basically about Tony Cruz an FBI agent that hunts down a serial killer that had kidnapped his sister. The story unfolds into a wild and unpredictable plot that had me on edge right to the end. Well edited and the ending didn't disappoint. Giving is a 8.

Reviewed by rickeysmith-71027 1 / 10


The people that are given this high ratings must be smoking something. Are there demon possessed.

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