A Deadly Legend



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 2.8 10 150

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Judd Hirsch as Carl Turner
Corbin Bernsen as Matthias Leary
Lori Petty as Wanda Pearson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ofumalow 2 / 10

Deadly is right

Oh, good god. Don't believe all the fake reviews. (You'll note that none of those ten-star posters have ever posted an IMBD review before, always a telltale sign.) This is laughably bad, with a lamely on-the-nose approach that's about as scary as an old Lifetime movie. Adding to the televisual feel is the frequent use of blackouts between scenes, as if we're breaking for a commercial.

How they got the name actors involved, I'll never know. (Although Lori Petty is so dreadful, you may be amazed she ever had a high-profile career.) The quality of the non-name performances is easier to explain--one of the hammiest is by the screenwriter, who gave himself a big role.

It's all so stupid at times I wondered if it was actually some sort of deliberate camp exercise. But if that was the intention, the filmmakers left it waaaaaay too easy to mistake their pileup of absurdities and ineptitude for the real thing, as opposed to any kind of sendup.

Adding insult to injury, this atmosphere-free tale of demonic possession or something in a blandly over-lit suburban community is nearly 100 minutes long. This is one of those movies so hapless and yet mediocre that it could only be rendered truly watchable by an accompanying drinking game (a shot for every cheesy "apparition" appearance? a beer every time Petty mooches for beer?), or by MST3K commentary. In excerpt it might cough up some unintentional laughs, but actually watching more than a few minutes of the whole thing gets dull really fast. You've been warned.

Reviewed by pran-91078 1 / 10

FAKE REVIEWS- Garbage Low Budget Terrible Acting

Normally do not leave reviews. But I rented this movie on Prime. Bad idea. Utter garbage and poor acting. Only other real review is the one that mentions this movie is garbage. Viewer Beware!!!!!

Reviewed by jspicer98 1 / 10


Can't believe Corbin Bernsen and Judd Hirsch were in this joke of a movie. Terrible acting all around. Couldn't finish it. Totally unworth the time.

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