A Demon Within


Drama / Horror / Romance

IMDb Rating 3.3 10 663

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Charlene Amoia as Julia Larsen
Veronika Bonell as Maddie

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by robertemonaghan 2 / 10

Horrible Acting

Decent plot idea but poorly written and the acting is equivalent to a high school play

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 1 / 10

Another dreadful possession flick

A DEMON WITHIN is another tired and predictable EXORCIST clone, made on an indie budget in Illinois. There's no FX to speak of here and virtually no horror content, just endless tedium with a few cheesy moments added to the mix. This generic movie rips off all and sundry and has a real tiredness and lethargy on the part of the crew. Who can blame them?

Reviewed by chameleonaram 3 / 10

What on earth!

Don't know what's up with these so called horror movies these days. I don't usually rate this low but this one earned it by far. From the moment the movie starts I feel the b-movie effect lol. The priest is by far the worst actor I've seen. He's actually able to scream at someone who's like within 1 meter like they're miles away lol. Overacting, boring from 50 minutes on and unrealistic in every part. You never see the actors actually feel some kind of emotion. Hell, you can write it in a script and let one act by it, but how come the actor doesn't transfer his emotions to the viewers? Like it never happened it seems, life your role I would say. But in this movie its far from it.

Skip this movie if you are a horror fan like me, hack, skip it if you love to watch any sort of movie!

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