A Drunk Scorpion Will Sting Itself to Death


Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 9 10 5

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TuesdayThe17th 7 / 10

Coarse and honest. And with lots of foul language.

This is a uniquely passionate micro budget film straight from the heart of writer, director, actor, editor, etc- Denton True. Normally a movie like this wouldn't be enjoyed by many but those of us that will seek this movie out and have the interest to actually watch it will probably appreciate it for what is. I would imagine a movie like this to have tough marketing because typically people associated with the drugs depicted in the film aren't usually movie watchers because their whole lives revolve around the drug and the chase. And those that understand the lifestyle but are newly in recovery probably wouldn't watch this movie as it may actually be a trigger to them. So who really is the target audience? Those of us that maybe know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. Or maybe we have been there at one time ourselves. Whatever the reason, you can't deny the commitment and passion in this movie. Denton True is good in his role and he clearly has some close connection to his material which is brave of him. It's nice to see young talented filmmakers making the movies they want, going against the grain.

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