A French Mistress



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David Griffin as Slater
Ian Bannen as Colin Crane The Headmaster's Son / Colin Crane
James Robertson Justice as Robert Martin Affectionately Known As' Bow Wow' / Robert Martin
André Maranne as Dubbing
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by malcolmgsw 3 / 10

Bottom Of The Class for this witless school comedy.

If you want to see what a funny school comedy looks like the your best bet is to watch The Best Years Of Your Life,the early St Trinians films and Carry On Teacher.Don't bother with this dud from the Boulting Brothers ,based on a play written by Sonnie Hale,ex-husband of Jessie Matthews.By some miracle of writing he has managed to make Cecil Parker,Irene Handel,James Robertson Justice et al ponderously unfunny.On not one occasion did I laugh at thus film,with the usual bunch of twenty somethings playing boys half their age.Given that the Boultings were in the middle of a hot streak with such films as Privates Progress,Brothers In Law,and I'm alright Jack,it is surprising that they could make such a dismally unfunny film.Incidentally August marks the centenary of their birth and is being marked with a season at the BFI Southbank.Maybe better not to show this.I would add that at ties Agnes Laurent is almost totally unintelligible.

Reviewed by Marlburian 7 / 10

Reasonable light comedy that evoked nostalgia

I'm more enthusiastic about this film than other reviewers here on IMDB and elsewhere. This is due to my having been at a boys' boarding-school (where, incidentally, James Robertson Justice had been educated) at the time that AFM was made and the boy's clothes - and some of their personalities - evoked memories. So did their excitement over the young lady arriving in their midst. Not that we were so monastic as Melbury: several of our masters had daughters, there were two nurses in the sanatorium (their bathroom adjoined one we used) and we were allowed into the town for an hour after lunch .

I still recall the very attractive sister who visited one boy and was chatted up by our senior prefect. Later the cover of the school magazine caricatured her at the bottom of a ladder leading to the prefect's room on the first floor. So another memory evoked by AFM when, in a reverse situation, Scot Finch clambers up to Madeleine's room ...

I thought that the actors all performed reasonably well and in the version that I saw (on the Talking Pictures TV channel) I was able to understand Madeleine (unlike a couple of other reviewers) and better so than in some actors in modern TV dramas.

Reviewed by geoffm60295 7 / 10

Rather dated film, but Great British comedy acting

A very attractive French teacher (mistress) is recruited at the last minute to teach at a middle class all boy's public school. Her arrival causes not only the testosterone levels of the boys to rise, but also the son of the headmaster, who quickly becomes besotted by the new 'French mistress.' Although it's terribly dated in today's world of 'sexual liberalism,' the light touch comedy skills of Cecil Parker, the headmaster, and the roguish housemaster, played by James Robertson Justice, are something to be savoured, as they try to preserve the 'moral decency' of their all male conservative bastion of privilege. Special mention must be made of the marvellous character actor, Raymond Huntley, cast as the self righteous and snooty Reverend Edwin Peake, as well as the delightful, Irene Handl, who plays the 'no nonsense, plain talking, head cook, ex - staff Sgt. Hodges, whose food at best can be described as 'basic.' However, it's a film which revolves around the wonderful Cecil Parker, whose mannerisms, facial expressions and a constant exasperated voice, makes it a joy to watch.

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