A Glenbrooke Christmas


Drama / Romance

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Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 5 / 10

An alright Christmas

After being pleasantly surprised by the previous Christmas and Mysteries Hallmark film 'The Christmas Bracelet', despite a underwhelming first act, part of me was eager to see 'A Glenbrooke Christmas'. Despite the subject not being as appealing. 2020 was a mixed bag for Hallmark, though could have been a lot worse considering the circumstances, with some real surprises as well as some average or less ones. Not too dissimilar to previous years.

To me, 'A Glenbrooke Christmas' is towards being in the weaker end of Hallmark's Christmas films for 2020, while being nowhere near one of the worst films overall. As far as Hallmark goes, 'A Glenbrooke Christmas' is an average middling effort with good things but with not much that makes one go wow. If asked whether it's recommended, my answer would be a small y but only as a one time watch rather than one of those worthy of repeat viewings sort of films.

Beginning with the good, there is nothing to blame the production values for. The scenery is truly lovely, magical even at its best, and appropriately festive. Makes one want to go there and definitely at Christmas. The photography complements them beautifully.

There are moments of affectionate nostalgia in the soundtrack, with sprinklings of Christmas song favourites. Although it took me a while to warm to her character, who was a little too neurotic to begin with, Autumn Reeser gives a committed and charming performance. Matching her in the charm department is Antonio Cuopo, whose performance was a little more consistent and quite liked its subtlety. The supporting cast are fine, zesty Latonya Williams standing out.

However, a lot of things could have been done better. The chemistry between Reeser and Cuopo could have been a lot stronger, it was too underplayed and could have done with more warmth. The writing for the romance doesn't help, did find the romance rather underdeveloped and erratic in how quickly it moves, taking too long to begin with and then rushing too conveniently. The conflict is contrived and predictable, it takes a while for anything to progress and any development comes out of nowhere and is rushed through.

Did feel that the characters in general were underwritten and little more than typical Hallmark cliches, while Reeser and Cuopo do well it took time for their characters to connect with the viewer and relax (particularly Reeser's). Furthermore, the story is dull as dishwater from being way too thin and excessively predictable from being the same formula as with most Hallmark films with all the long well worn out cliches done to tired effect. Some of it is very repetitive too, the final act is contrived and lacking in realism and the ending is too neat and can be seen from miles away, Hallmark really do need to get some new ideas. The script is very stilted and is full of cheese and sugar to the point that it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. The music generally is on the drab side.

Overall, alright but not much more. 5/10.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 4 / 10


I had high hopes for this movie after watching previews. Jessica is rich and everyone she meets wants something from her for that reason. She wants to meet people who accept her without the riches. Of course this premise has been done, but somehow it sounded interesting.

But this movie has what I like to call the "hanging secret" which is a trope I hate (which I realize is kind of self-contradictory). Even when the secret is justified, it's always treated the same as an outright lie. This movie is no different.

Almost all of these movies are required to start out with at least one antagonistic encounter between the leads. So Director, if you have to do it, at least do it reasonably. As shown on screen, Kyle did walk out in front of oncoming traffic that wasn't even moving that fast. There's no reason for him to act so self-righteous.

Much of the movie is spent establishing that Kyle distrusts rich people. Of course, it's obvious what's going to happen and I just wanted it to be over with. I also didn't buy into the rescuing device used at the end. It didn't really make sense to me.

Other well used themes are: money needs to be raised to save something; newcomer sets out to raise the money; newcomer steps in to fill a missing role and has huge impact on the people; and the two biggies - the leads are from different worlds that can't coexist, and big city bad, small town good.

I didn't really see chemistry between Autumn Reeser and Antonio Cupo. They never seem natural together. Another reviewer called Reeser twitchy which seems apt to me.

Unfortunately, this movie turns out to be a rehash of the same old stuff and the characters don't draw me in enough to make up for it.

Reviewed by rebekahrox 7 / 10

Autumn and Latonya shine in this. More Latonya please.

This was an adequately entertaining Hallmark, and as such I was a little disappointed because I really expect the best from Autumn Reeser. Also Antonio Cupo looked super hot and perfectly cast as the fire chief she falls for. I also like the poor little rich girl trope as well. However, Mr. Fire Chief got off to a bad start with me by yelling at nice Autumn for something that was totally his fault. He was chauvinistic and entitled as Mr. Small Town VIP. He got better, then reverted to type again near the end, where he accused Autumn of the same bad behavior he was guilty of. Latonya Williams was adorable as Ruthie, another firefighter, who tells Antonio a few home truths at the end. Over all it was good, although not problem-free, in addition to the character flaw I noted.

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