A Glitch in the Matrix



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dhoeby1970 1 / 10

So Someone Took The Matrix Waaaay Too Seriously...

Well that was disappointing. Simulation theory is a very interesting subject if...if that subject is approached by someone who actually understands it. These various talking heads likely didn't have a college degree between them, let alone a PhD. Some seemed genuinely deluded and in need of a mental heath intervention, others would just completely misunderstand the nature of probability in the most hilarious way. Basically just a bunch of basement dwelling fantasists with way too much time on their hands talk nonsense to the camera. Do not waste you time, unless you are slightly amused by this sort of idiocy like I was.

Reviewed by tdm-00212 10 / 10

Very well put together to serve as...

Either an introduction to realization or entertainment...

This will set a few people on the path to enlightenment. And is entertaining for even those who are pondering this reality. The cool visuals will allow even the most uninformed people to get something from this.

It doesn't go into how existence is absolutely evil, people who have good experiences deny this until 99.99% eventually deteriorate no matter what dimension and, for lack of a better term... run around*crying* how they can't take it yet the same beings have forced us to this plane and deny euthanasia which in itself is clear evidence we are either inheritly evil slaves or this is orchestrated hell. Basically it's drilled into us we face eternal torture as punishment for making mistakes or you could be a really kind person yet decide you don't want to be here want to end your existence yet will go to hell while evil people get forgiven when asked.

When you look around the slave camp is obvious. Be prepared to cry watching this if you're self aware.

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